5 Benefits of Gunite Swimming Pools

concrete swimming pool When putting together your budget for a swimming pool project, one of the major factors in the cost will be the building material of the swimming pool itself. You can choose from fiberglass, a vinyl liner pool or a gunite swimming pool (aka concrete, or shotcrete). The swimming pool contractors at Town & Country Pools explain that while a gunite swimming pool project may cost more than the other styles, the benefits of this building material cannot be denied. From flexibility in design to longevity of the structure, many pool owners opt for gunite swimming pools when making the plunge into pool ownership.

A gunite inground pool is a fantastic place for friends and family to gather, but it is also a home accessory that you will have to enjoy for decades!

5 Benefits of a Gunite Swimming Pool

Here are some of the benefits of a gunite inground swimming pool:

  1. Home Resale Value — Your home values could potentially increase with the installation and construction of a concrete swimming pool. A well-made swimming pool is an investment that can increase the resale value of your home. Because a gunite inground pool is a permanent structure it is an extension of your home.
  2. Backyard Ambiance — The addition of a swimming pool completely transforms the look of your backyard, taking it from ho-hum to a luxurious oasis. When you add in landscaping, decking and even an outdoor kitchen area, you can move your indoor living outside!
  3. Your Unique Style — There are so many choices available when building an inground swimming pool with gunite. There are various colors, designs/shapes and finishes you can use to make your pool design truly unique.
  4. Durability & Longevity — Concrete is one of the most durable building materials for swimming pools. A gunite swimming pool will last for decades and it isn’t prone to rips or tears.
  5. Design Options are Limitless — With a gunite inground pool you can have virtually any design for your swimming pool, such as a freeform pool. The design and shape can be as varied as your imagination.

Deciding on your Inground Pool Design

Making the decision on the size and style of swimming pool that will best suit your family’s needs means you will have to spend some time researching all of the options available and making an informed choice. When speaking with a swimming pool builder make certain you ask to explain the advantages and disadvantages of all of the swimming pool building materials that are available.

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