Is a Fiberglass Swimming Pool Right for You?

Fiberglass Swimming Pools Explained

When you have been in the inground pool business for a while, you field a lot of swimming pool questions from current and potential pool owners. One of the top questions we are asked is what kind of pool construction material is best.

Potential Inground Pool Material Options Include:

  • Vinyl Liner
  • Fiberglass
  • Gunite (AKA Concrete)
fiberglass swimming pool - Is a Fiberglass Swimming Pool Right for You?

Although there are a few options for inground swimming pools, our contractors prefer gunite pools. In this post, the pool contractors from Town & Country Pools explain the disadvantages of installing and owning a fiberglass swimming pool.

Disadvantages of a Fiberglass Swimming Pool Include:

  • Size and shape of a fiberglass pool are very limited.  Upon purchase, these pools will be delivered in one piece and placed into the pre-excavated area. Typically any options for a fiberglass swimming pool will be decided by your inground pools supplier. Design-wise, fiberglass swimming pools are not as flexible as a gunite pool.  Fiberglass pool owners are often faced with a “cookie cutter style” inground pool just because they went with a fiberglass model.
  • Since the fiberglass swimming pools are delivered in one piece, there is a potential for landscape and structural damage during the installation process.  Careful installation is a must!
  • Fiberglass swimming pools come with limited depth and diving options due to the flat bottom design.
  • The price of a fiberglass swimming pool can vary greatly.  Due to the high cost of quality resins and fiberglass materials, it is common that a base model will cost between $30,000 and $40,000. However, this price can fluctuate depending on multiple variables such as landscaping, water features, materials, and much more.
  • Not all fiberglass swimming pools are constructed equally. With many resin and gel coating options to choose from, each fiberglass swimming pool could be built differently.  Upon delivery, most fiberglass swimming pools will look very similar.  However, the quality of material and construction methods used could cause significant problems over time.
  • Just like other fiberglass products the pool’s appearance can dull over time requiring labor-intensive maintenance and specialized equipment.

Gunite Swimming Pools

While there are many disadvantages to installing a fiberglass swimming pool, many potential pool owners consider the limited options and inability to customize the most significant drawbacks.  At Town & Country Pools’ our swimming pool contractors focus on providing the best quality inground pools to our customers.  With this in mind, our contractors only install and construct gunite pools to ensure our customers are provided the best quality inground pool for their money.

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