Pool Opening


Swimming pool owners everywhere eagerly wait for warm weather to arrive signaling the beginning of summertime. As the warmer weather nears most swimming pool owners begin to make the necessary preparations for their pool opening. Town & Country Pools is here to offers tips and assistance to ensure a proper swimming pool opening for all our customers.

Whether you are a new swimming pool owner or you prefer your swimming pool opening to be completed by a professional to eliminate the hassle Town & Country Pools is here to assist with your swimming pool opening.

Town and Country Pools understand our customers are extremely anxious to get their swimming pool opened. However, we highly recommend our customers schedule their pool opening appointment 4-6 weeks ahead of schedule. By scheduling your swimming pool opening in advance, our customers will avoid any scheduling conflicts or delays. Contact us today to schedule your pool opening.


Opening Inground Spa Only


Opening Single Filter System


Opening with Vanishing Edge Basin or Dual Filter

*Clients in DC please add an additional $20.00 to scheduled service.


  • Remove pool/spa cover, fold and store on site.
  • Clean automatic cover fabric if applicable
  • Recess deck anchors.
  • Reinstall winterizing plugs in pool equipment.
  • Remove winter plugs installed in skimmers and returns.
  • Start pool equipment.
  • Check pool/spa heater operation.
  • Program automated system.
  • Reinstall baskets, automatic cleaner (Polaris), ladder(s) and handrail(s).
  • Assess water drips and/or leaks and attempt to repair (dependent on extent of problem).
  • Brush pool/spa surface and water line tile.
  • Adjust water chemistry as needed.
  • Salt (up to 200 lbs.) to adjust salt content (if applicable).
  • Adjust chlorine generator (if applicable).
  • Fill and adjust chlorinator and/or set chlorine generator (if applicable).
  • Replacement and/or repair parts used will be charged in addition to opening price.
  • Vacuum pool/spa. This does not necessarily mean the pool/spa will be swimmable, as the water may need time to filter clear.
  • Test water chemistry (Chlorine/Bromine, pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, and Stabilizer).
pool opening service for inground pool


Typically, as soon as the temperatures start to rise, the sun begins to shine, and the snow starts to melt, swimming pool owners are ready to go for a swim. But wait–your swimming pool is not ready just yet! A proper swimming pool opening will need to be completed to ensure the necessary safety and health for your swimmers.

In the Maryland, DC Metro and Virginia area pool openings can never be scheduled around a specific date. In our service area, the spring weather can be very unpredictable making it challenging to predict the best timing for your swimming pool opening. The timing for your pool opening will depend on weather, the type of swimming pool, and if you own a swimming pool heater or not.  Cool weather should not be a deterrent. If you have a pool with an adjoining hot tub, you will get use out of an open swimming pool far earlier than a swimming pool without a spa.


Generally speaking, pool owners should wait to perform their pool opening until daytime temperatures are consistently in the 60’s to 70’s. However, pool owners should also keep in mind additional algae can grow with the increasingly warm temperatures. The longer you delay opening your pool, the more work your pool opening may require.


Depending on the type of swimming pool you own will determine how early you can open your pool. Is your swimming pool connected to a hot tub? If so, you may get away with an earlier pool opening.


If you are a pool owner that owns a pool heater or has a solar cover you may be able to open your swimming pool a little earlier than a pool owner without one. Although swimming pool heaters can cut the wait time for your pool opening, they can be costly to run.  When considered the best time to open your swimming pool take into account that warm night air is more important than the warm days.  Spring days in the 70’s still, in some cases, lead to nights that are barely above freezing.


Before removing your swimming pool cover, Town and Country Pools recommends pumping any water from your swimming pool cover and/or blowing any excess debris off. By removing the debris from your swimming pool cover, you are lessening the amount that will fall into your swimming pool, therefore, reducing the amount of cleaning work. If a small amount of water or debris does get into your swimming pool during removal, do not worry!

After cleaning and removing your swimming pool cover pool owners will need to return their water level back to normal, remove winter plugs, reconnect pool equipment and turn their systems back on. After letting your swimming pool system circulate the water for several hours, swimming pool owners will need to check their water chemistry by testing the pH, total alkalinity, and chlorine levels.

Once you have balanced your swimming pools chemistry swimming pool owners will need to brush, vacuum and run the swimming pool filter. Brushing and vacuuming your swimming pool will completely remove any leftover debris from your swimming pool surfaces. After the brushing and vacuuming have been completed the filtration system will work to remove all the dirt, debris, algae, and bacteria floating in your swimming pool.

Lastly, to, complete your swimming pool opening, pool owners will need to shock their swimming pool to eliminate any additional contaminants remaining.


Your swimming pool contractor should be your go-to source for pool opening and closings as this is their area of expertise.  Additionally, your swimming pool contractor will have the expert knowledge to know when the best time for both opening and closing your swimming pool.

*Opening rates include labor and chemicals only. Systems with Nature2 or Duo Clear cartridges require an annual cartridge replacement. Replacement cartridges are not included and will be billed in addition, along with any parts used to repair your pool equipment. Town and Country Pools recommends that pools with automatic pool covers have the cover box and mechanism serviced on an annual basis by the cover manufacturer.