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Infinity Edge Inground Pools

Do you want to feel like you are at a luxurious resort all summer long? Infinity Edge Inground pools are the perfect style pool to give you that luxurious feeling all summer long in the Washington DC area. Infinity Edge inground pools are pools where the water flows over one or more edges giving the optical illusion that the pool has no boundaries. Infinity pools are built with sloping walls exactly the height of the water level. This enables the water to flow over the sides, creating a waterfall that spills into a catch pool. From the catch basin, the collected water is pumped back into the main body of the pool. The vanishing edges are designed to blend and merge with the sky, horizon or another larger body of water. These unique and elegant infinity edge inground pools are often seen in luxurious places such as resorts and estates but can also become a part of your backyard getaway.

Infinity Edge Inground Pools Features

An infinity pool adds modern elegance to your property. These pools are constructed to enable water to continuously flow over its edges. Infinity pools, also referred to as Vanishing Edge pools, blend your pool with the surrounding aesthetics of your yard as their edge seems to “vanish”. These luxuary vanishing edge inground pools in Maryland provide a spa-like atmosphere and are perfect for relaxation or entertainment. You will feel like you are on vacation everyday with an infinity edge inground pool in your Virginia backyard.

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Town & Country Pool experts are qualified to provide you with the luxury infinity edge inground pool you are looking for in the Maryland and Virginia areas. While this pool concept originated from France, these luxury pools are sure to be the envy of any Washington DC neighborhood. Infinity Edge Inground pools are complex to maintain but Town & Country Pools are experts in pool maintenance of Infinity Edge Inground pools.

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Town and Country Pools has experience in crafting works of art in infinity edge inground pool construction and installation. Above you will find a gallery of past vanishing edge inground pools projects. Contact us to join the other happy and satisfied Town and Country Pools customers.

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