Swimming pool covers provide many significant benefits for swimming pool owners everywhere. Although some people may consider swimming pool covers a swimming pool accessory, they really should be viewed as a swimming pool necessity. Pool covers can keep your swimming pool free from debris while some even serve as a safety feature for your pets or children. The benefits that swimming pool covers provide easily outweigh the initial cost. Town and Country Pools Inc. is here to share how a swimming pool cover can benefit you!

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Benefits of Using Swimming Pool Covers

Reduced Swimming Pool Cleaning Time

The use of swimming pool covers can significantly decrease the amount of time swimming pool owners spending on cleaning and removing debris from their swimming pool. Keeping any excess dirt or debris from your swimming pool will reduce operational cost and prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your swimming pools filtration system.

Increased Swimming Pool Safety

Some swimming pool covers can act as an additional safety feature for your swimming pool. Whether you have small children or pets, swimming pool safety should always be the main priority for pool owners. Specific pool covers can completely seal your swimming pool preventing unplanned swimming pool access. These types of swimming pool covers can even support the weight of several people preventing unnecessary accidents. *Although, pool covers can offer added safety there is no replacement for proper supervision.*

Extend Swimming Pool Life

Use of swimming pool covers can extend the overall life of your swimming pool by preventing unnecessary wear and tear. With proper care, a quality swimming pool cover can last a long time. When making a swimming pool cover purchase, aim for quality and durability.

Cost Savings

Spa CoverAlthough swimming pools tend to lose energy in many ways, water evaporation is one of the most prominent. When a swimming pool is left uncovered the water that evaporates also takes with it pool chemicals consequently costing a pool owner more out of pocket expenses. Additionally, without the use of swimming pool covers a swimming pool owner who uses a pool heating system risk losing an excessive amount of water due to evaporation, especially in a hot tub, therefore, increasing the pool owners overall utility bills. Using swimming pool covers can decrease the amount of energy and water required to operate your swimming pool in an efficient manner.

Swimming Pool Coverspool cover inground pool swimming pool covers

Swimming pool covers can come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. They can range from an inexpensive low tech design to more expensive high tech designs. Cheaper swimming pools covers are commonly just a large thick plastic sheet that is not recommended for long-term use. These types of swimming pool covers are generally hard to put on, take off and to store. The more expensive pool covers tend to be higher tech, better tailored, and have an electronic powered system which makes the covering and uncovering process quick and easy. There are many options available for pool covers, it all depends on your desires, needs, and budget. Although the initial cost of a swimming pool cover may be more than expected just remember the potential return on investment.

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