Inground Pool Deck Options

The importance of having a nice space to relax and unwind really can’t be stressed enough. After working hard all week long, you need to recharge your batteries by letting loose, and with an inground pool deck, you have the perfect area for furniture, a barbecue, and whatever else your backyard needs. Let’s take a look at the options you have to choose from when it comes to your inground pool deck.

Pool Decking vs Pool Coping

There are a few differences between pool decking and pool coping. Your inground pool most likely already has pool coping – it’s the capped edging around the pool shell wall. The coping hides the steel underlay for a more attractive appearance as well as protecting the top of the pool edging. Acting as a frame around the pool, coping is often poured concrete, tile, or natural stone.

Pool decking is much larger – the coping separates the pool structure and your inground pool deck. The deck is designed to accommodate furniture, like lounge chairs and other outdoor accessories, and is also known as a pool patio. It comprises of the area immediately surrounding your pool and is a versatile construct, with a variety of looks, styles, materials, and sizes available depending on your personal preference.

Inground Pool Deck Options

When it comes to designing your ideal pool deck, the options are almost unlimited. Working from your specifications and design ideas, the color schemes, size, and structure of your inground pool deck can be altered to fit your home and luxury inground pool.

Color Coordination

Choosing the color of your new deck is exciting. It’s the first thing your guests will notice about your new addition, and selecting the color you want helps to guide the rest of the design process. Ultimately, the color is influenced by your personal preferences – which color you like the best, which you think will complement the external décor of your home, and so on. When deciding on the color, it can be beneficial to highlight the tones of your existing pool, as well as fitting the color and style of your home.

Matching Deck & Patio

The end goal of any inground pool deck construction is to ensure a seamless finish – to make it appear as though the entire construct was completed at the same time, blending in effortlessly for a stunning overall look and feel. When wanting to match the deck and patio with the pool, choose a complementary color palette. Let the shape and curve of the pool and the natural surrounding area influence the way the deck will sit in your outdoor living space. As the design flows from one to the next, the end result creates a cohesive, relaxing environment for you to enjoy.

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Shade Structures

For a combination of luxury and practicality, consider the addition of a shade structure to your inground pool deck. Depending on the style of your home and the layout of your outside space, underdeck areas can not only provide additional living or storage space but can give you the option of relaxing out by the pool without being in the sun.

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Inground Pool Deck Materials

Part of the appeal of having a deck built for your inground pool is that the structure itself is versatile in terms of construction materials. Whether you desire a specific look and feel or are sticking to a strict budget, there are material options to suit your preferences.

Poured Concrete

Easily the most cost-efficient deck material, poured concrete has a huge range of colors and finishes to choose from – meaning you get the look you want in a more budget-friendly way. A fairly inexpensive material, poured concrete is also quick to install, meaning you can enjoy the finished product sooner rather than later.

In terms of finishes and colors, poured concrete can be broom-finished, which gives a look similar to that of a sidewalk, or can be left smooth – although this can present a slipping hazard when wet. Concrete can also be stamped to create a pattern, giving your deck a unique look and texture. As concrete can be stained, the color options are varied and can be altered to suit your preference and existing color scheme.

Poured concrete is one of the easiest deck materials to maintain and it tends to stay cooler underfoot during the warm summer months here in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. While it is suitable for use in most climates, it should be noted that in areas with freezing winters, you may find concrete cracks over time due to water freezing and expanding.


For warmth and amazing natural beauty, wood is the way to go. With so many varieties to choose from – think mahogany, oak, and maple, to name a few – the design possibilities are enormous. Different stains and treatments can create a versatile look which, with proper maintenance, will last many years.

Each piece of timber used in the creation of your inground pool deck is treated with a number of preservatives. These are used as a preventative measure, protecting the wood from insects, rot, and against damage from weather extremes. Maintenance will need to occur regularly in order to keep the wood in top condition – annual sanding and staining are recommended to keep the deck splinter-free and safe to use.


A popular choice, paver stones are, like many inground pool deck materials, extremely versatile. They are available in a wide variety of materials (limestone, brick, concrete, slate, and more), sizes, shapes, and colors – giving you the option to customize your deck to your exact specifications.

On the lower-maintenance end of deck materials, paver stones need cleaning and sealing every 2-3 years – and otherwise left alone. One of the more budget-conscious choices, pavers are easy to take care of and to replace if damage occurs. Removing the damaged stone is simple and cost-effective.

When installed correctly, paver stones are essentially frost-proof, making them a great choice regardless of the climate you live in. Paver stones do require a permanent border or frame surrounding to prevent them from shifting, which should be taken into consideration when thinking about your deck.

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Pool Deck Tile

Tile is simple, classic, and gives a contemporary look to any pool and deck area. A popular choice and widely used, it is available in a number of different shapes depending on your preference. Tile is usually installed over a concrete base – if there isn’t an existing one surrounding your pool area, this may cause the installation to take a longer time.

Be sure to choose an unglazed tile for your inground pool deck. Glazed tiles are very attractive, but also present a safety hazard as they get very slippery when wet. Tiles are a hardy choice for deck material as they easily withstand frost and freezing temperatures without taking damage. To prevent staining and water penetration, it is recommended that the tiles are sealed, keeping them looking fresh and new.

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With a natural look and many different kinds of stone to choose from, this material is a popular choice for decks. The natural texture of stone, regardless of the type, gives it inbuilt slip-resistance for safe passage underfoot even when wet.

Extremely durable, stone as a deck material will last for many years with minimal annual maintenance. The price is often determined by what kind of stone is available in the area, from the most local quarry. While colors are huge in variety, darker colors can get very hot during the summer months and may not be suitable for bare feet.

Artificial Turf

Perhaps the most unique and unusual material to create an inground pool deck from, artificial turf is a fresh addition to any outdoor space. It gives the appearance of a lush, green, manicured lawn no matter where in the world you are – particularly popular in drought areas where grass often becomes brown and unattractive.

Relatively inexpensive, artificial turf is a fun, different material to use – and is sure to be a talking point for guests. With no mowing and little maintenance required, it is the perfect lawn. If staining occurs (a spilled drink or melted popsicle, for example), the area will need to be cleaned. The feel underfoot is pleasant, although artificial turf can become hot if exposed to full sun, so caution should be taken during the hottest months of the year.

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With so many different styles, materials, and options available, you can choose the best one for your home for a totally custom approach. Having your own inground pool deck crafted is a very fun and rewarding process, so choose the look and type you want and get started creating the ideal place to unwind! The inground pool experts will help you find the perfect solution for your inground pool deck. Contact us today for a consultation.