Hot Tubs & Spas

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What could be more relaxing than coming home to a luxury hot tub? Hot tubs are the perfect pool of water for relaxation and hydrotherapy. Sometimes called spas or Jacuzzis, hot tubs use powerful jets for muscle massage and relaxation, making them a great addition to your daily health routine. A luxury spa is the perfect addition to any home, allowing for true relaxation after a long day at work or before a night out on the town with some friends.


Complete your private oasis with a luxury hot tub. Unlike a swimming pool, you can enjoy your hot tub’s heated water and massaging jets all year long. The Town & Country Pools experts create luxury pools and spas that complement your property’s landscape and bring harmony to your home. Hot tubs can stand alone, or can be added to a swimming pool, creating a luxury resort in your own back yard. A square hot tub works well with a rectangular inground pool and a circular hot tub works well with freeform inground pools. Can’t decide? Town & Country Pools will provide you with a custom hot tub design to fit your space, creating the ultimate private relaxation or entertaining space.


Whether you need a hot tub installed or maintained, Town & Country Pools is here to help. Our experts will help you choose the right equipment and design for a personal, private swimming oasis with the addition of a luxury hot tub. If you want your hot tub enclosed, you are in luck. We will work with one of our contractors to enclose them.


Town and Country Pools has extensive experience in crafting custom hot tubs. Need inspiration? Please enjoy the gallery of past hot tub and spa projects above. Contact us to join the Town and Country Pools family and get the relaxing back yard spa you deserve.