Pool Heater & Pool Cooling Options


Whether you are looking to extend your swimming pools season with a swimming pool heater or keep your pool cool during the summer Town & Country Pools is here to provide customers with information regarding pool heating systems, pool chillers, and automatic pool covers.



Heat pumps are perfect for swimming pools with auto covers as these types of heaters work gradually throughout the day. This electric pool heater can heat your swimming pool cheaper than propane or natural gas and with or without the sun. Heat pumps operate by drawing in warm air and converting it to warm water however they do not have the full power of a standard pool heater.


A gas pool heater guarantees swimming pool owners heat no matter the weather. If a fuel source line is already ran, the initial setup cost for a gas heater is less than a heat pump. However, the price of gas must be considered by pool owners. A gas heater provides the most significant temperature rise out of most swimming pool heating options. Some gas pool heaters work specifically with natural gas while others operate by using propane gas. Deciding between the use of propane gas or natural gas will depend on the location of your swimming pool and the swimming pool size.


A geothermal heat pump works using pool water to heat your swimming pool. Pool water enters the heating pump and passes over an evaporator coil which contains Freon. As the water passes over the coil, the Freon heats to become warm gas before passing through a compressor and then condenser before traveling back to the swimming pool. The swimming pool water then washes over the coil, heats, and then reenters the swimming pool heating the pool water along the way.


Like geothermal heating, a heat ex-changer can transfer all the heat from your home directly into the water. When compared to air, water is a more efficient heat transfer medium. Generally, when running your homes air conditioning, the heat is usually thrown back into the atmosphere, however with a heat ex-changer that same heat is instead transferred back into your swimming pool to help heat your swimming pool water. This type of pool heater can provide electricity savings by heating your pool with free energy. Once your swimming pool reaches a predetermined temperature, the system will switch back to a normal cooling mode.



Does your pool get too hot in the summer heat? Do you live in an extremely hot area? Is your swimming pool in direct sunlight? If so, a pool chiller may be a great addition to your swimming pool installation. Many pool owners do not realize that their swimming pool water temperature can reach the 90’s during a hot summer day. Keep your swimming pool refreshing during the summer with a pool chiller. Pool chillers are an optional feature on pool heat pumps costing approximately $1,200 more than a regular heat pump.


Cold plunge pools temperatures generally range 50-65 degrees. While this temperature may not seem enjoyable to all the benefits of the cold experience can be very beneficial to your body. The colder water can relieve stress as well as joint and muscles pain by numbing the nerves and causing the release of endorphins and hormones. Additionally, cold plunge can cause your body to release chemicals that help fight off bacteria and viruses in addition to stabilizing your blood pressure. As cold plunges gain popularity across the United States, Town & Country Pools is here to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your family!

automatic pool cover


In order to help regulate your inground swimming pool temperature consider investing in an auto pool cover. This great addition can help with your pool heating or pool chilling system while minimizing the total costs of heating or chilling your swimming pool. By utilizing an auto cover, pool owners will experience a dramatic reduction of water evaporation and heat loss by approximately 70%.

Other than pool temperature regulation, swimming pool auto covers provide an added safety feature, help reduce water evaporation, and includes electricity savings.


A swimming pool auto cover must not replace adult supervision however it does provide pool owners an added piece of mind knowing there is an additional layer of protection.


An auto cover reduces water evaporation and prevents excess chemical lose. As water evaporates from a swimming pool, chemicals also evaporate with the water leading to an unbalanced swimming pool.


Electricity is used to run your swimming pool pump and filter the swimming pool water. An automatic cover reduces the amount of debris and dirt that may fall into your swimming pool. Preventing excess debris will reduce the amount of time your pool pump will need to run leading to an overall electricity cost savings.


Most pool owners have questions about choosing the proper pool heater or pool cooling system for their needs. Contact Town & Country Pools today where our team of pool experts is waiting to assist you. Let us help you find the perfect pool heater or pool chiller for your specific setup.