Inground Pool Design

There are a few steps that go into the inground pool design process. This inground pool design process begins first with a meeting where a Town and Country Pools team member will meet with you where the pool will be installed and ends with a contract for the inground pool of your dreams.

inground pool design process

First Meeting

At your first meeting, our sales staff will meet you at your home. Town & Country Pools will bring portfolios and years of experience to help guide you towards your perfect outdoor creation. Through the entire inground pool design process all the way up until you take your first dip in the pool your sales person will be available to you.

We suggest that you provide us with a House Location Survey (also known as a plat) which can typically be found in your home closing documents.  This document is a necessary step in the inground pool design process to help decide if your yard meets the basic requirements of your County codes. If your neighborhood is governed by an HOA (Home Owners Association) it would also be beneficial to have read through the guidelines in order to have an understanding regarding what is and is not allowed. All of these factors are taken into consideration before we move on to the inground pool design.

If you have collected any pictures, made Pintrest boards, or if you have ideas share them with us now, it helps place YOUR vision in our hands. You can also gain inspiration from our pages filled with pictures on our website. Take a look at our swimming pools page.

inground pool design process

Inground Pool Design

Your team, which now also includes a landscape designer and a landscape architect will revisit your home for the next step in the inground pool design process and do “site work”.  Site work consists of surveying the existing topography in order to determine the need for walls, steps, pool safety precautions, etc. as part of the overall pool project.  During this visit, we also measure the exterior of the home to ensure the accuracy of the plat that we obtained at our first meeting, as well as the location any trees, existing outbuildings, and/or septic tanks, etc.

The information that we gathered during site work and the insight gained towards your vision during our first meeting are combined together to design a plan that integrates the pool and landscape into a magnificent creation maximizing your site’s potential.

We then present this plan to you, approximately two weeks after site work, to gain your feedback.  In this meeting we will make the necessary changes to ensure that the plan is creating the oasis you envision for your home.


The last step in the inground pool design process before construction begins is the proposal. Your proposal will provide very specific information regarding each element of your outdoor project including County requirements, pool construction, and masonry. Depending on your final design, the proposal may also include information regarding carpentry, landscaping, irrigation, etc.

The proposal is typically emailed and a member of your sales team will follow up with a phone call to answer any questions that you may have regarding the proposal.


Once you are satisfied with the proposal, we can move forward to contract!

Completed Inground Pool Design Process

Now that the process is complete the next step is moving onto POOL CONSTRUCTION.

inground pool design process town and country pools

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Get your inground pool design process started today! Contact us to schedule a consultation appointment. No time of the year is too early or too late in the season to start planning for the inground pool of your dreams.