Pool Equipment

Although there are steps and precautions pool owners must take to ensure their swimming pool stays healthy, clean and well maintained owning a swimming pool does not have to be intimidating. Whether you have owned a pool for years or are in the process of building one, Town & Country Pools is here to assist you in with all your swimming pool needs.

Pool Equipment Room


When it comes to pool equipment the most necessary are a pump and filter. The purpose of the swimming pool pump is to circulate the pool water throughout your swimming pool keeping the water clean. As the pump pulls water from your pool, it will pass through the filter where particulates and dirt will be gathered and filtered out. After the water flows through the filter system, the clean water will be returned to your swimming pool. Whether you choose sand, cartridge or diatomaceous earth filtration, swimming pool filters must be cleaned on a regular basis. A dirty filter can dramatically decrease pump efficiency. Cleaning a swimming pool filter regularly cannot be stressed enough.


Vacuums are another essential piece of pool equipment for swimming pool owners. A manual pool vacuum consists of a vacuum head, telescoping pole, and a vacuum hose. There are numerous types of swimming pool vacuums available each designed to thoroughly clean the swimming pool floor. Pool owners can choose between a manual or automatic vacuum. While pool owners will find automatic vacuums to be considerably more expensive, they are generally very efficient and extremely convenient.


A skimmer net is a necessary piece of pool equipment. To prevent large particulates such as leaves, trash, rocks, etc. from reaching and clogging your swimming pool filter pump, a skimmer net should be used regularly. Skimmer nets are typically made from fabric netting and attached to a long handle to assist pool owners while reaching for floating debris. If your swimming pool is surrounded by trees a leaf net will make the job of cleaning your pool easier!


Although swimming pools can be dangerous for small children and pets there are plenty of helpful pool equipment designed to increase pool safety.

  • Pool Rescue Equipment and Accessories: Pool owners should readily have on hand a pool safety ring, a life hook, life jackets and a first aid kit. Preparing for the unexpected will ensure the proper pool equipment safety devices are on hand in the event of an emergency.
  • Pool Alarms: In order to detect unauthorized pool access pool alarms can be installed on a gate, door, window, or perimeter. Additionally, there are pool alarms that float in the water or can be installed on the ground.
  • Pool Barrier: One of the most effective safety devices is a swimming pool barrier. Pool owners can choose between a lockable pool enclosure, a fence or even a pool cover. *Not all pool covers are made equally. Ensure you are using the correct type and size.


For more pool equipment recommendations or to discuss pool equipment specific to your swimming pool contact a Town & Country Pools professional today!