Inground Pool Finishes

Whether you are starting a inground pool renovation project or designing a brand new luxury inground pool Town & Country Pools is here to bring your backyard swimming pool oasis to reality. There are many different types of elegant swimming pool finishes to choose from when transforming your swimming pool. Swimming pool owners can choose from finishes such as plaster, tile or aggregated finishes. Pool finishes can come from a wide selection of materials, color, and texture. Each can be matched with your preferred style and vision. Let us help you find which pool finish will best suit your needs and design aspirations. Remember the pool finish you choose will have a substantial impact on your swimming pools final designs craftsmanship and appeal.


Plaster is the most common swimming pool finish made from a simple combination of white cement, white marble aggregate, and water. The use of plaster will give your pool the smooth and classic appearance without breaking the bank. For pool builders on a budget, using plaster may be the best economic choice as it is the most inexpensive option available. Pool owners can expect the plaster finish to lasts five to seven years before chipping appears.

White plaster finish will reflect light around the inside of the pool creating the typical light blue color. However, clients can choose to mixed colored pigments with the plaster giving a more dramatic and dimensional look. For example; to add depth and boost the water’s reflective quality a deeper shade of grey or black can be used.


A tile pool finish is one of the most magnificent and durable finishes available. Tiles may be made from ceramic, glass, stone or porcelain and come in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles. Tile can be used to complete an entire pool interior or may be placed at the waterline, floor, or steps to provide a colorful artistic accent.

Tile pool finishes are the most expensive type of finish available and generally takes longer to install when compared to other types. However, with proper installation and some basic maintenance, tile pool finishes should never have to be replaced.


If you are looking for the latest and most significant trends, aggregate pool finishes might be what you are looking for. While similar to the white plaster, aggregate pool finishes will have small pieces of glass beads, river stones, granite or quartz mixed with the plaster. Aggregate pool finishes have recently increased in popularity due to their luxury feel and their excellent benefits when compared to a regular plaster pool finish. Aggregate pool finishes have a harder surface and are less affected by staining and chemicals than the original plaster pool finishes. Custom blend your aggregate pool finish to match your landscape with beautiful colors and textures.

inground pool finishes


Before designing or renovating your current swimming pool, contact Town & Country Pools to discuss the various finishes available to you. Maybe you even are wondering what kind of pool gift you can give to someone. Let us help bring you swimming pool vision to reality!