Pool Renovation

Make the most of the inground pool you already have. The experts at Town & Country Pools can renovate your inground pool for a custom oasis to relax and enjoy.


Should I renovate my pool?  As an inground swimming pool owner, this will be a question you must ask yourself.  The reasons for an inground pool renovation are as varied as the individuals who own swimming pools. Whether you are considering an inground pool renovation as part of a landscaping project, a remodel or new construction Town and Country Pools is here to assist you with your inground pool renovation project. So ask yourself, is it time for a swimming pool renovation?

The swimming pool contractors from Town and Country Pools say you do not have to wait for a “major” event such as a home or yard renovation project in order to start your inground pool renovation.  Get started today!


Before starting your inground pool renovation, it is best to talk with one of our experienced swimming pool contractors regarding your budget, necessary permits, needs and wants. Town and Country Pools swimming pool contractors will help you organize your thoughts and determine what is a necessity with your inground pool renovation project.


  • Swimming pool lighting enhances the safety of the swimming pool, especially if you swim at night. It also adds to the ambiance of your outdoor living space.
  • Add a pool house or gazebo as these structures can serve as a basic pool changing area, for storage or as additional living space.
  • Water features lend to the beauty and uniqueness of your swimming pool and the addition of a fountain or a rock waterfall adds a touch of elegance.
  • New pool tiles, a new liner or an acid wash of the pool plaster will breathe new life into your pool.
  • Want to extend the pool season? Add a pool heater.
  • Want to cut back on the number of chemicals you use? Add a salt water chlorination system.
  • Is your equipment outdated and costing you a lot of money to operate? Invest in newer, energy-efficient models.


During your inground pool renovation project, many customers use this time to upgrade their pool equipment in addition to the above renovations. In our professional opinion, there is no better time to install upgrades than during the renovation stage.


  • Install a solar pool cover — consider an electric operated pool cover as this will help prevent water and chemical loss due – this one accessory could offer two-fold savings! Installing an automatic pool cover can make it easier to use a pool cover because you will be able to open it and close it at the push of a button. Using a solar cover also means you won’t have to run your heater as often – if at all.
  • You may want to upgrade to a more efficient, or a different type, pool filter depending on whether your family’s needs have changed. Whether you decide to upgrade to a completely different style of filter, you may reap savings. Sand filters, also known as DE filters, require backwashing on a periodic basis and this means during that process that your pool will lose up to 300 gallons of water during the process. A cartridge filter doesn’t need to be backwashed and are easy to clean and replace. Making a switch to this type of filter may be a change that makes sense.
  • If you use a pool heater, your contractor may advise a change in the location of the return jets. If your return jets are near the surface of the pool, you could be losing some of the heated water. If your contractor installs an extender to the return jet, the heated water can then be directed toward the bottom of the swimming pool where it will be circulated throughout and warm the water more quickly. The extender, because it is improving the overall water circulation, may help prevent algae growth.
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There are many options on the market to ensure that your children, grandchildren and/or neighborhood kids will have a fun time but also be safe while swimming in your pool.


Inground pool covers should not be considered a pool accessory; it should be regarded as a pool necessity! The benefits of swimming pool covers should be considered when taking on a swimming pool project.

automatic inground pool cover

Automatic Pool Cover

The addition of an automatic safety cover provides a second layer of safety. With an automatic cover, once the cover is closed and the key is removed from the locking mechanism that opens and closes the cover, no one can gain access to the pool.

inground pool renovation - Pool Renovation

Hot Tub Cover

Keep your energy use down. Cover your hot tub when it’s no tin use to minimize heat loss. Having a hot tub cover allows you to keep your hot tub heated at all times and ready for use. No more waiting for your hot tub to heat up before you start to enjoy.

inground pool renovation - Pool Renovation

Winter Safety Cover

Built super strong and anchored into the deck, Loop-Loc winter safety covers put an “unbreakable lock on your pool” to protect your family.


There are many new interior finishes products in the market as well as the option to re-plaster with a standard hand-troweled plaster. From the straightforward simplicity of standard white plaster to the rainbow of multi-colored pebble finishes, the options are endless.

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From salt water purification systems to hand-held remotes, the possibilities to increase the ease and efficiency of using and operating your pool equipment are better than ever.

inground pool renovation - Pool Renovation

Fusion Soft

The Fusion Soft is a salt water purification system that provides wonderfully smooth and gentle water for swimming. There is no more having to handle or add chlorine to your pool water which means you can say goodbye to red irritated eyes, itchy skin, green hair, and even faded swim suits.

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The Aquapalm is an upgrade to your existing electronic control system that adds the power of a wireless pool and/or spa remote to the palm of your hand.

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iAquaLink allows you control your pool anytime, anywhere. Using our free app for your smart phone or web-connected device, you can control all the elements of your pool or pool/spa system, even when you’re on the go.

inground pool heater


The Jandy Hi-E2 heater has an impressive 95% heating efficiency rating, which means it can reduce your opening costs by 30% or more.


Tired of looking at your outdated pool? There are several ways to change just a few things to completely update the look of your existing pool.

inground pool tiles


The options for pool tiles are vast and exciting. From the natural stone look to the exotic, pool tiles are an easy way to change the look of your pool.

coping inground pool design


Whether you want bull-nosed brick, flagstone, or travertine, replacing or changing your existing pool coping can make all the difference.