Update your landscaping: Talk with a Virginia pool contractor

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How much time do you spend outside in the summertime in and around your swimming pool? Chances are, it is countless hours swimming pool landscaping and while you spend much of that time in the water itself, what does your outdoor living space look like? Is it a complement to your swimming pool and to the rest of your backyard? If you’re considering an upgrade or update to your outdoor living area, talk with your swimming pool builders and renovation professionals from Town & Country Pools and uncover what you might want to do to breathe new life into the outdoor living area. Find a landscape theme that melds the beauty of the swimming pool with your entertaining and lifestyle.

Because your swimming pool builder or swimming pool service contractor spends so much time in and around your pool and backyard, he is the ideal go-to person on the type of landscaping plans that will not only suit your pool, but the slope and style of the backyard itself. Here from swimming pool contractors in Virginia are items to consider:

  • Thumb through magazines for ideas that speak to you and your unique style. Do you want clean lines or a feeling of a tropical, secluded jungle or anything in between?
  • Plants are lovely and useful for shade additions to a landscaping project but you need to chose plants that won’t lure bees to your poolside. You also need to find a plant that will not be dropping leaves into the water. Trees with spreading roots can damage the underground plumbing of your swimming pool. Low maintenance plant choices are your best options – look for evergreen trees, ornamental grasses and long palm fronds or even potted plants add ambiance without the risk of pool damage.
  • Fencing should be considered part of the landscape as well as being a safety measure. Today’s fences are beautiful and functional.  A fence acts as a windbreak and that will diminish the dirt and debris that makes its way into your pool. A fence can also help slow the rate of water evaporation when the wind blows across the surface.
  • Outdoor lighting adds to the safety and the beauty of your outdoor living space. Also, adding LED lights to the pool itself is a great way to illuminate the deep end and/or the pool stairs.
  • Don’t forget the paths of ingress and egress to the swimming pool. Look for patio paving materials that are both non slip and comfortable for bare feet. Patio pavers offer many style, pattern and colors, and they also move, which makes them ideal in colder areas of the country in which freezing and thawing are issues.

A landscaping of your outdoor living space may also take a bold step and include an outdoor kitchen or a pool house. Your choices are limited only by your budget and your imagination!

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