Three Swimming Pool Safety Tips

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Town & Country Swimming Pool Builders in DC offer pool safety tips

Being a swimming pool owner is a way to have fun in your backyard any time you want! Owning your own pool means you won’t have to fight the crowds at a beach or at public pools. It also means that you will have a staycation spot right out your back door.

If you do own a swimming pool you need to make certain the pool is as safe and secure as possible for all who live in the house. Here are tips for swimming pool safety from the swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pool Builders.

Here are three tips for the ultimate in pool safety:Best Pool Contractor Virginia - Washington DC - Maryland

  1. A pool fence, this is a required piece of pool “equipment” in most municipalities across the country and each one will have its own set of rules to which your pool fence must adhere. Even if a pool fence is not required, you would be wise to construct one as part of your pool project. A fence can prevent accidents and drowning.
  2. Pool furniture is necessary around your swimming pool but you need to make certain it is not close to the edge of the swimming pool. It shouldn’t be set up like an “obstacle” course. Trips and falls can occur if the pool deck area is crowded and trip and fall could lead to someone falling into the swimming pool.
  3. Make certain your pool area is well lighted. You may also want to have lighting installed in your swimming pool, especially if you have a deep end. A lighted pool will help keep anyone who uses the pool safer,  this is true if you do a lot of night swimming. Consider having pool lighting installed if you haven’t already and make certain the outdoor living space and the deck area is well lit.

Talk with us if you’re looking for new ways to keep your pool as safe as it can be.