Should I Renovate My Pool?

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Pool Renovation

Here at Town and Country Pools, we aim to help our customers will all aspects of pool renovation.  Our swimming pool renovation services may be the perfect solution for customers looking to upgrade or repair their swimming pool. Whether you need a complete pool remodel or just some minor updates, let us help answer all your questions and concerns.

Should I Renovate My Pool

Is your swimming pool showing signs of wear and tear? Did you recently purchase a home that included a swimming pool? Or are you looking to upgrade your existing pool without performing a complete remodel? If so you may be asking, “should I renovate my pool.”spill over spa, pool renovation

A swimming pool renovation project might be part of a “want to do” list or a “must do” list.  Keeping your swimming pool well maintained by addressing pool flaws or equipment will make your swimming pool a safer environment for you and your guests.

When considering a pool renovation here are some items to consider:

    • Is the tile cracked or faded?
      For aesthetic reasons faded tiles may mean customers want to upgrade.  However, cracked tiles should be fixed immediately as they can cause injuries or lead to further structural damage.
    • Is your pool leaking?
      Harsh weather can lead to potential cracking causing your swimming pool to leak. A leaking pool not only wastes money but can also cause damage to the structural integrity of your swimming pool.
    • Are you in need of a larger pool?
      If you enjoy swimming laps or need a swimming pool large enough to accommodate your expanding family it may be time to extend the length of your swimming pool. Our pool renovation services can increase your swimming pool size creating a swimming pool that matches your families needs.
    • Are you looking to add features?
      Adding features such as diving boards, slides, hot tubs, spas, fountains, or tanning shelves are not features that are needed for safety but rather for fun.  Items like these should be added to your pool renovation wish list as they do not negatively impact safety or function.
    • Are you using a single speed pump?
      Did you know this could be costing you an inordinate amount of money? Ask us about the money-saving benefits of a variable speed pool pump.
    • Does your swimming pool require updates?
      While swimming pools are an excellent addition to any backyard, maintaining proper safety and pool function is vital.  Upgrades and updates that impact safety must be taken care of quickly.  Upgrades such as pool filters, vacuums, and pool covers should be done in a timely manner to save owners maintenance, time and money.

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After a Town and Country Pools contractor inspects your pool’s structure, and equipment pool owners should create a budget for their pool renovation ensuring priority items are taken care of first. To set up an appointment or for more information, Contact our pool renovation specialist today!