Is it time for a swimming pool renovation?

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Town & Country Pool Builders offer pool renovation tip sheet

Your swimming pool, because you will spend so much time in it will eventually be in need of a renovation. When that time comes you may wonder:

  1. What are things I definitely need to do for my pool
  2. What are items I just want to do for my pool

In the northeast you need to consider that your pool will be subject to sometimes extreme shifts in weather and temperatures and this can take a toll on your swimming pool and its structure.

How will you know, though, when the time for a renovation project is on the horizon? Here are some items your pool contractor from Town and Country Pool Builders say you should consider:

  • Are the swimming pool tiles worn and slippery? Smooth tiles are a sign of the passage of time. One of the main reasons for a renovation project is to address safety issues.
  • Harsh weather leads to cracked tiles. Another good reason to keep your swimming pool covered when not in use and in the winter.
  • Is your existing pool too large or too small? Changes in the size of your family and the usage of the pool may lead to a renovation project. For example, if you can’t comfortably swim laps, it might be time to extend the length or width of your pool. This is a bigger undertaking, but might be something to consider.
  • If you bought your home and the pool came with it, you may want to renovate to make it more your own. Add a fountain, hot tub or a tanning shelf.
  • You want to upgrade or turn an end of the pool into a grotto by adding a rock waterfall or an overhang.
  • The pool equipment may be outdated and not as energy efficient as you’d like and that is an ideal reason to renovate and upgrade.

A renovation can be a major undertaking and that means you will want to plan it so you don’t lose too much summer swim time, this is especially true if you live in an area of the country where the summers are not all that long.


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