Renovation ideas for your Virginia swimming pool

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Once summer rolls around — and it will be here more quickly than you imagine, you won’t want to have your pool out of commission for any reason and that’s why the time is now to consider a swimming pool renovation project. Over the years of fun times spent in the pool, it’s only natural that it will see some wear and tear and just be in the market for a facelift! If your pool has reached that stage it’s time to reach out to your swimming pool renovation contractor from Town and Country Pools and see what you might want to to do breathe new life into your family pool.

Swimming pool contractors in Virginia offer these ideas as a starting point for items you may want to upgrade and/or update in your family pool:

  • For many pool owners, the swimming pool shell is the item that catches their eye and the one that usually prompts them to consider a pool renovation project. In some cases a gunite pool shell can last up to two dozen years! If you’re looking at a true pool facelift, consider resurfacing the pool shell and adding in colorful tiles or colors into the concrete.
  • If you’re in the midst of a renovation project it’s the best time to add a spa to the existing swimming area. Spas come in myriad styles and shapes and can even double as a children’s swimming pool. If you’re looking at the structure as an adult relaxation spot, consider adding water jets, heat and custom designed tiles, or even a refrigerator or built in heated towel rack!
  • An updated filtration system can help keep the water clean and clear. Upgrading to energy efficient equipment can also save on your electric bills and the chemicals used to keep the pool clean. You may even want to consider a change to a salt water chlorination system as a way to help your pool go green.

As you and your contractor inspect the pool with an eye toward renovation ideas he may come up with items you hadn’t thought of and may even find some that should be addressed from an operation standpoint rather than an aesthetic standpoint. Now is the time to start talking to him so you don’t lose any precious swim time this summer!

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