What We Do: A Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide

If you are a new owner of an inground swimming pool, you may be feeling overwhelmed with learning what it takes to keep your swimming pool in top shape. This swimming pool maintenance guide will relieve the anxiety that comes with having a pool. While taking good care of your swimming pool may feel like a chore at times, our maintenance team can near Vienna, VA take that pressure off you. By the end of this article, you will learn all that goes into maintaining your pool.


Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide

What people often complain about when it comes to owning an inground swimming pool is that they must be maintained on a consistent basis. While swimming pools need more regular maintenance than an automobile, it can be less stress on yourself if you know exactly what needs to be done often versus what needs to be done only occasionally. With this swimming pool maintenance guide all of the steps are spelled out. That way you know the maintenance team is doing all that they are supposed to.

Monthly vs Weekly Maintenance

Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide:

  • Check the water levels and the efficiency of the water pump
  • Test the pH and the chlorine levels of the pool water (more on this later)
  • Check the oxidizer and stabilizer
  • Check the water of the pool for any trash, debris or algae
  • Use a pool net skimmer to remove debris from the pool surface
  • Add roughly half a pound of chlorine per 10,000 gallons into the pool per week
  • Backwash the pool’s filter if the pressure requires it

Monthly Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide:

  • Clean the pool’s filter
  • Test the alkaline and calcium levels of the pool
  • If applicable to the pool, the liner needs to be examined for any tears and make the appropriate repairs
  • Clean the walls and floor of the pool with a brush or vacuum to get rid of any debris, bacteria or algae build-up
  • If the pool uses concrete or gunite, examine for any cracks
  • If the pool has any extra accessories or equipment such as a swimming pool slide or ladders, we will make sure they are still secured firmly in their places

Common Swimming Pool Maintenance Mistakes

Keeping this swimming pool maintenance guide handy will be key to keeping swimming pool mistakes from happening. When you are hiring a maintenance team near Montgomery, Maryland it’s important to select the right team. When maintaining your inground swimming pool, it is important to avoid these common beginner mistakes as they could end up doing more damage to your pool than intended, which will do more damage to your wallet in the long run too.

Water Pump

For one thing, caution needs to be taken when deciding to turn off the water pump. The pump is important to keep the water cyclically flowing, or else it will risk allowing bacteria to breed in the pool. Ideally it should be running 24/7, but the pump can be left on for 8-10 hours a day if you want to save as much cash as you can.


The next mistake to avoid is forgetting to check the pool filter. This is a common, but major mistake as filter maintenance is one of the most important aspects of swimming pool maintenance. The filter should especially be inspected and cleaned throughout the seasons when the pool is used the most. While to pool’s filter may have different guidelines, it is generally acceptable to backwash the filter when the PSI reaches 10 or higher.


One last major, but common mistake to avoid is forgetting to monitor the pool throughout the season. It is a bad idea to neglect testing and cleaning the inground pool for a couple of months, for example. Even if the pool was seeing little action, it might seem like may this is a good excuse to get a little lazy with pool maintenance. However, it is still important that the team stays on their toes and properly monitors the pool even if it has not been used much in weeks.

Testing The Swimming Pool’s Water

If there’s any aspect of this inground swimming pool maintenance guide that can be intimidating, it has to be the actual testing of the pool’s water. The very thought of this task makes people think of complicated chemistry experiments, but as long as you hire the right pool maintenance crew the pool will be good to go.

A swimming pool test is to examine four things: the pH, the chlorine levels, the alkalinity, and the calcium hardness. All four of these things need to be properly balanced so that it is safe and optimal to swim in the pool. While test strips are inexpensive and easy, some of them have a reputation of being inaccurate. Another avenue is to acquire a digital testing kit. They are also easy to use and are reusable.


Contact Town & Country Pools for More Maintenance Advice

So now you know what to expect with this swimming pool maintenance guide. If it feels like you could use a leg up on your swimming pool maintenance, and you want to hire a knowledgeable, experienced team near Loudoun, VA we at Town & Country Pools would be more than happy to give any resident in Maryland or Virginia the best help with pool maintenance, renovations and more. Get in touch with us any time so you can spend your time enjoying your swimming pool not maintaining it. We would love to lend a helping hand! For our swimming pool maintenance information check out this page.