Pool water-saving tips

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Town & Country Pool Builders provide water conservation tips for pool owners

Did you know that evaporation and loss of water from splashing can mean you’re filling your pool on a regular basis? Have you ever stopped to think about how much that is costing you? Chances are, when you first had your pool constructed and filled it, you had an idea of the impact either on your water bill or on how much it was going to cost to have water trucked in, but you may not have considered the on-going costs of keeping your pool filled.

The swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pools provide these money- and water-saving tips for swimming pool owners:

  • If you don’t use a pool cover, the pool can lose up to half its water annually!evaporation  Using a cover means you can cut back on evaporation by up to 90%. Without a cover a swimming pool loses up to one inch of water a week. A pool cover also helps reduce algae growth and cuts back on the amount of chemicals you need to use.
  • Is the pool losing water because it’s leaking? There are ways to check. Try the bucket test to see if the water is evaporating at more than one inch a week. Is there standing water around the pool. With an inground pool your pool contractor can perform an inspection.
  • Keep the water at least an inch below the bottom of the top pool tile to prevent too much water from getting splashed out. Ask us for the ideal level to lower the water; if it’s too low you can damage the pool equipment.
  • Lowering the temperature a degree or two won’t mean that people who use it will suffer and you can realize a savings and cut back on evaporation.
  • Pool chemicals should be added at night so they don’t evaporate — that’s  more of a money-saving than a water-saving tip!

Talk with us for more ways to save money and water on your utility bills as there are myriad ways you can do that in your swimming pool!


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