Liquid Solar Pool Cover – What Are They?

Liquid Solar Pool Cover Technology

The contractors from Town & Country Pools in Virginia and Maryland explain using a swimming pool cover is beneficial to the life of your pool. Did you know, though that there is such as thing as a “liquid solar pool cover” on the market? This has been available for many years, but not many pool owners are familiar with it. Fear of the unknown keeps many pool owners from taking the leap into this new liquid solar pool cover technology.

What Is a Liquid Solar Cover?

This product is calcium hydroxide and that is a carrier and dispersing agent. The “cover” is one molecule thick and completely safe for use when swimmers are in the water as well. When you use a liquid solar cover and jump into the pool, the “cover” separates when the surface is disturbed and then “closes” up once the surface is unbroken.

The liquid solar pool cover is such a thin layer that no one who swims will feel that it is there. In fact, most people who use a liquid solar pool cover forget that it is there until they jump in and feel how warm the water is.

liquid solar pool cover

3 Benefits of a Liquid Solar Pool Cover

  1. It’s easy to use. You simply pour it onto the pool water.
  2. It helps conserve water. The cover floats on the surface of the pool and prevents water from evaporating.
  3. Keeps the water warm. If you use a heater and a liquid solar cover you will be able to trap the heat.

Are Liquid Solar Pool Covers Safe?

If you have a traditional swimming pool cover on your pool, you can’t swim, but with a liquid solar cover on you can. The covers are completely safe for swimmers including children and pets. You don’t want your children to gulp down mouthfuls of pool water with or without the liquid solar cover, so that remains unchanged.

When you use the liquid solar cover, it will remain on the surface of the pool and the water beneath will be circulated through the filtration system to keep the water clean and clear. The small amounts of liquid solar cover that make it into the filtration system won’t harm it.

Another benefit of using a liquid solar cover is that you will be more likely to use it if it’s easier than lifting off your traditional cover when you want to use the pool.

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