The benefit of wide swimming pool steps

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Luxury pool builder explains the benefits of wide swimming pool steps.

As if you needed another item to add to your to-do list when it comes to swimming pool construction, right? The swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pool Builders explain that when you’re building an inground pool, you may need to think about who will be using the pool. If swimmers include those with limited mobility or aging family members, wide swimming pool steps can help ease ingress and egress. An old-fashioned metal ladder is not your only option! Customers should talk to their swimming pool contractor about having wide pool steps with handrails installed. Don’t worry that this choice will negatively impact the aesthetics of the pool; it won’t! A luxury inground pool designer can make wide swimming pool steps look as beautiful as they are functional.

Benefits of Wide Steps for an Inground Pool

Easy to Clean – Wide swimming pool steps are easy to clean because they don’t offer “hidden” areas in which algae can grow.

Safety – Wide swimming pool steps are also safer for everyone who uses the pool. If you have aging relatives or young children who need to be carried, wide  pool steps are a safer alternative.

Design Asthetic – A luxury inground pool needs a great design, right down to the steps. Wide swimming pool steps can add to the overall design of your pool.

Before You Begin – Luxury Inground Pool Considerations

If you’re adding wide steps as part of your construction project, you will need to make adjustments in size of the overall pool shape to accommodate the installation of the wider steps. You may also lose swimming area, unless you include the wide steps as part of the non-swimming area and extend the swim area itself.

But My Swimming Pool Has a Ladder!

If your pool has a ladder, there are precautions to make certain that it is as safe as can be. That includes making sure there are no loose or sharp edges and that the ladder is securely anchored. Your pool contractor will inspect pool accessories to assure everything is in working order and securely fastened.

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