Small Swimming Pool Design for Small Yards

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Small Swimming Pool Design for Small Yards

Small swimming pool design is perfect for your small yard. If you have a small yard, does that mean you can’t have a swimming pool? The swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pools say the answer is a resounding, “no.” If you have a small backyard but want to own a small pool, there are many ways in which to make that happen without sacrificing your entire yard to a pool. Our small swimming pool design will let you own a pool without sacrificing your entire yard. Here are some items to consider:

Small Swimming Pool Factors To Consider

small swimming pool design

  • Have the pool design abut a wall or fence. You will sacrifice a portion of your pool deck if you do this. But you will also be able to have space for the pool without having it set in the middle of the yard. There may be regulations in your area that state how close you can build to a wall or fence. Your pool contractor will have the answers.
  • Choose a small swimming pool design that will use the space wisely. Don’t feel you have to drop a rectangle pool shape in your back yard. If your yard has a unique shape, consider a pool that flows along with that shape. This will likely mean you will need to have a gunite pool project as this is the most flexible pool building material.
  • Invest in a lap pool. This type of small swimming pool design are a single “lane” of small swimming pool and are ideal if you want to swim laps. They can also work for families with children who want to swim.
  • If you truly want a pool for workout reasons alone, invest in a small pool that has jets installed that will help amp up your workout because you will be swimming against the current.
  • Don’t feel you have to remove your current landscaping to accommodate the pool. Incorporate the pool design into the existing yard space and have a more natural pool look.

Around The Small Swimming Pool Design

If, because you’re going to have a small swimming pool design and you may have money left over for amenities, invest in items that amp up the aesthetics of the pool. It can be a fountain, waterfall or even a stunning deck and outdoor living space.

Contact Town and Country Pools for Your Small Swimming Pool Design

If you are considering a small swimming pool design for you smaller yard contact your Maryland swimming pool contractor to find out what the best approach is for your small yard. We will find the best pool that not only fits your yard but also family’s needs. You may also want to consider a hot tub or spa instead of a small swimming pool. Either way Town and Country can help!