Pool Repair or Upgrade?

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Options for your inground Swimming Pool

Swimming pools should be built to last! However, not all swimming pool construction materials are created equally. If you have an unsightly or outdated swimming pool, you are not stuck with it. If pool repair has gone beyond simple swimming pool maintenance, or if you are sick of fixing or replacing a cracked vinyl liner, you do have options whether you want to improve its appearance, the material it’s made out of, change the shape, or simply change the depth. Even better, normally it can be done using roughly the same space that your current pool occupies.

Pool repair or luxury upgrade?

If you recently bought a new home and the pool is less than ideal, wanting to have your pool redone is understandable. Many homes are using the same in-ground pool that has been in place for 30+ years. The pool might not be in the best of shape. In these cases, you have a great opportunity to upgrade your pool and make it exactly how want it. If redoing your pool for aesthetics or any other reason, you’ll be increasing the value of your properly (depending on your location and environment), and making your pool more functional for your home.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Varies By Material

The material you choose to rebuild your pool with will determine its value and how long it will last. Gunite or concrete as opposed to vinyl is better for several reasons. First of all, gunite never needs to be replaced as the liner for a vinyl pool does every 5-9 years. Gunite pool shells simply need an acid wash once every 3-5 years at a much lower rate than replacing an entire vinyl liner. Replacing a cracked vinyl liner costs 5 times more on average than a simple acid wash, as the process is more labor intensive. A cracked vinyl liner is removed, cut up, and hauled away. The pool is then cleaned, the new liner is stretched, and all panels are secured.

For the long run, choosing concrete over vinyl is an obvious way to save on pool repair and maintenance costs. Gunite is more aesthetically pleasing and is a much higher quality material. Guests will complement your pool if it’s made from gunite. Vinyl on the other hand has the disadvantage of looking comparably cheap. Fiberglass pools are better than vinyl for the same reasons. However, they leave few options for modifications such as a tanning ledge or a connected spill-over spa. With gunite or concrete, your options are unlimited.

How much will an upgrade to my inground pool cost?

The price of changing your in-ground pool depends on what exactly you do to it. Making your old swimming pool deeper or more shallow would allow you to keep certain parts of the pool intact. This is the most cost effective way to change your pool.

If you decide to change the shape and size, you will essentially be installing an entirely new pool in place of the old one. Therefore, the price will include both removal and construction.

For example, if you want to change the shape of your pool from an oval to a rectangle, the current pool must be removed entirely before construction begins on the new pool. Next, the dimensions of the new pool are dug out. This process is much the same as installing a pool from scratch.

Plumbing and drainage must also be taken into account. Although, plumbing modifications are typically a straightforward process that isn’t particularly expensive.

Where Can I Get a Quote?

Contact Town and Country Pools to get your free estimate for renovating or rebuilding your in-ground swimming pool. All you need to do is contact us to request information about your specific pool. Reach out to town and country to go from swimming pool maintenance to upgrading your swimming pool.

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