17 Pool Construction Steps

Town & Country Pool Builders Explain Pool Construction Steps

What happens when you decide that you want a swimming pool? Many potential swimming pool owners really don’t know what happens once the decisions have been made and the contracts have been signed. It’s a long way from contract to jumping into your pool and it’s best if you understand what happens in the 17 pool construction steps.

Here’s what happens during your swimming pool construction steps as explained by the swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pools:

17 Pool Construction Steps

  1. Obtain building permits. Your contractor should help with this. pool construction steps
  2. The yard will be surveyed and the pool’s layout marked before excavation. The excavation involves heavy equipment being brought into to remove dirt to form the swimming pool.
  3. Grading may need to be done, landscaping items may need to be removed and/or relocated during this phase.
  4. Electrical and plumbing will be laid into the trenches specifically dug.
  5. Return and water line features will be laid as well. This could take up to three days to complete and can be done either before or after the rebar has been installed.
  6. The installation of rebar aka the pool steel that forms the shape of the pool is next. Rebar could be completed in one day.
  7. Following the rebar installation, the contractor starts to lay the concrete (if you’re having a gunite aka concrete pool).
  8. The concrete will be spread to cover the walls and floor. You will need to spray the concrete with water for the next week to ten days to help the concrete cure.
  9. Pool finishes such as rock waterfall accessories will be added after the concrete has cured.
  10. The contractor works on the deck area.
  11. Lights, pool equipment, filters, diving board, the heater and other equipment will be installed.
  12. Electricity and plumbing will be run.
  13. The pool plaster is added. After it’s done it is almost time for the water to be added.
  14. Your pool contractor and crew begin the clean up. After this, the pool filling starts! Once the water is being added your pool contractor will test and run equipment to assure it’s functioning properly.
  15. Once the pool is full, chemicals are added to kill bacteria. Your contractor will either show you how to test the water balances or he will come back to do it.
  16. Once the chemical levels are deemed correct, it will be time to…
  17. Your pool construction steps are finished! Go jump into the pool!

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