Residential Pool Barriers ~ It’s as easy as A.B.C.

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There aren’t many better ways to spend an afternoon than to fire up the grill and have some fun with your friends by the pool.  As Memorial Day weekend unofficially welcomes us to the summer season, it is important to remember the safety steps that need to be taken if you are a pool or a spa owner. I like to call it the ABC’s of pool safety: alarms, barriers, and covers.

There is no reason that a parent’s worst nightmare should become a reality and an ALARM can help make sure of that. There are many types of alarms that can be used in and around a pool.  Gate alarms can signify if a gate has been opened, door alarms for a door that has been opened.  Just as fire alarms are important for the house, pool alarms are important for the pool.

So that keeps people from within the wall of your home from getting to the pool unsupervised, what about those outside of your home?  BARRIERS are some type of fence or wall and a successful one will prevent a child from getting over, under, or through it.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) offers a swimming pool barrier guideline that include ”your barrier should be at least four feet high above grade” Each county has different requirements, and the barrier installed around your pool must meet your county’s requirement.    Remember, your gate should be locked at all times. The barrier is only safe when used properly.  The only way a young child should be able to get near a pool is with the help of an adult.

Swimming Pool Safety Cover
Coverstar Automatic Pool Cover

 A SAFETY COVER is another precaution that can be taken when owning a pool. A cover can be manual or motorized and can be easily opened and closed by an adult. Town & Country Pools uses Coverstar Automatic covers and they can install a cover box over the switch to the motor to open the cover, this cover box can be locked with a key.   With a cover in place and the switch to operate it locked, it will make it much more difficult for a young child to gain access to the pool and wandering eyes will not be attracted by seeing the water.   During the winter we install a Loop-Loc Winter Cover that can only be removed with a special tool.  With a barrier and a cover in place, you just doubled the safety of your pool.

Swimming Pool Winter Safety Cover
Loop-Loc Winter Safety Cover

Most summers come and go with the worst pain coming from a belly flop.  If you follow the ABC’s of The Three Barriers of Safety, Alarm -Barrier- Cover, you can prevent pool accidents that are a result of someone entering your pool without your knowledge, be it  from outside your yard or from within the walls of your home.  Remember to make sure the A.B.C’s are all in place and in proper working order to restrict the access to children and non-swimmers to residential swimming pools.

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