Choosing pool contractor

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Town & Country Pools, serving DC, Virginia & Maryland explain how to choose a pool builder

Choosing a pool contractor is the first and sometimes the most difficult part of becoming a swimming pool owner. Don’t let the decision overwhelm you, though, because when you work with an experienced pool contractor you can rest assured you will get the pool of your dreams.

Choosing pool contractor

Here are some of the questions a pool contractor will ask and you may want to go to a pool contractor visit with an idea in mind and with questions in mind for those options about which you need more advice.

  • The style
  • Building material — concrete, vinyl liner or fiberglass
  • The size
  • Chlorine or salt water
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Shape – traditional or free form
  • Finding the best contractor
  • Choosing a pool service contractor once the construction is complete

These questions hardly touch the surface of the many items you will need to talk with your swimming pool contractor from Town & Country Pools about because under each question are further layers of questions that will need to be answered!

In addition to the questions posed above, here are some more items to research:

  • Your budget for the project, paying back any kind of loan you take out for it and for ongoing upkeep and maintenance the money being set aside to pay for increases you will likely see in your utility bills. Let the potential pool builder know how much you have to spend, what you’re hoping for in your pool project and then work from there. Ask him too for an estimate on what he thinks you could be faced with for increased utility bills.
  • Your pool budget may determine the style and building material for your pool as well, so be willing to be flexible.
  • Will you fit your pool into your landscape or will you mold your landscape to fit the pool design you’re hoping for? Having a pool builder come out and inspect or survey your property will help solidify that aspect of the project.
  • The best pool contractor is not necessarily the cheapest. Bear in mind that you get what you pay for and because you will own your pool for decades you want to put in the funds necessary to get a pool that will be a joy for the time you own it. Ask a potential pool contractor for references and check his portfolio to see if he has completed projects such as the one you’re seeking.

Because a swimming pool is a major investment and an asset to your home and property and frankly, your family’s lives, you need to thoroughly research and make sure you are getting the pool and the accessories of your dreams.

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