Determining an Inground Pool’s Price

When dreaming of a background paradise, or you know, a luxurious inground pool, the inground pool’s price might start to circulate in your mind. In order to get closer to your dream pool knowing a starting point for pricing and considerations can be important. That way you can turn your dream into a reality.

Getting yourself an inground pool can be an exciting time, but it can come with its own set of worries and things to be cautious of. Perhaps the biggest thing to consider when getting an inground pool is the price. If you’re asking yourself what an inground swimming pool normally costs, there is unfortunately no simple answer. Inground pools come in many different shapes and sizes, so as a result, inground pool prices are just as diverse.


The Types of Inground Pools and their Estimated Prices

The range of inground pool prices can be pretty wide. Keep in mind that an inground pools’ price is always going to be higher than above ground pool prices as they require more time and effort to complete.

All of the following prices are just averages or rough estimates. The actual prices will depend on where you go for your inground pool installation and other factors related to your property.

A vinyl liner pool will cost around $30,000 to $65,000 on average. A fiberglass pool typically costs  $50,000 to $90,000, and finally we have a gunite concrete pool near Fairfax, VA will likely start around $200,000.

The last and most expensive option available to you is an indoor pool. These are by far the priciest pools as they can be very difficult to construct indoors for many reasons. Expect your average indoor pool to cost around $275,000 but this price can easily go as high as $300,000 depending on where exactly you want it built and what kind of extra fixtures you want for it.

That leads us into our next section: the extra factors that can increase an inground pools’ price.

Factors and Enhancements that Impact an Inground Pool’s Price

While all kinds of pools come with a base price, many people don’t stop there. An inground pool is a fantastic opportunity to make your backyard or any piece of property look more elegant, unique, and be more livable. That’s why many people consider adding extra fixtures, decorations and other functions to a pool to make it look livelier. Of course, this comes with an increased cost, but it is often worth it.

Another area that often goes under the radar is your area of residence. Believe it or not, where you live can have an impact on the pool’s price. This can be due to regional safety laws that make certain add-ons mandatory for safety issues. You may also just live on a plot of land near Northwest DC that makes inground pool construction more complicated, thus more pricey.

As we already got into earlier, the materials that the pool is made of will have a considerable impact on the price tag too. While vinyl is the cheapest, fiberglass is more expensive, but the nicer material of gunite or concrete pools will cost you the most.


The biggest factor in determining an inground pool’s price is the extra add-ons or fixture customizations you may want. Depending on how many you add, this could account for a very large portion of the total price. There are numerous ways to customize an inground pool, and some of them can be very expensive.

One popular inground pool addition is lighting. This is considered by some to be a must-have if they plan to spend time swimming after dark. Not only does it make walking around the pool safer, but it can make your backyard look beautiful too.

Then there are pool heaters. These are popular items, and depending on where you live or how often you swim outside of summer, these may be considered essential. However, they can be expensive to manage over time, but imagine swimming in your backyard dreamland year round.

Another luxury add on inground pool feature is a set of machines for technological automation. This generally refers to a pool system that handles lighting, heating, filtration, cleaning and other functions. These systems can be very costly, so get them only if you really dislike handling pool maintenance yourself.

There are also diving boards and slides that can be added to the edges of your pool. Pool slides are normally used by children and as a result are typically purchased by people with families. If you don’t have any children, consider how often you’ll actually use a slide or diving board before purchasing one.

Remember, installing of these fixtures will take time, especially for an inground pool. Are you ready to build your backyard paradise pool in Montgomery, Maryland? Contact us at Town and Country Pools today.