Concrete Inground Swimming Pool – What You Need to Know

Reasons to Choose a Concrete Inground Swimming Pool

There are many advantages of concrete swimming pools. Concrete inground swimming pools are popular because they’re beautiful, long lasting and allow the pool owner to let his or her imagination run wild when it comes to pool design options. When you choose a concrete inground swimming pool (aka gunite) the pool contractors from Town & Country Pool Builders explain, you are choosing a pool that is durable, can accommodate complex shapes and because they are so strong, pool owners drastically reduce repairs. A potential drawback to a concrete pool is that because of its rough design, there are areas for bacteria and algae to take hold, but proper pool maintenance and service should keep that issue at bay.

5 Reasons to Choose A Concrete Inground Swimming Pool

  1. They won’t rip or tear the way fiberglass or vinyl liner pool could.
  2. Your pool design can be as unique as you are. Concrete allows for a pool design that fits your yard, regardless of its shape and can be designed in literally any shape you can dream up. Even if you think you yard is to small to accommodate a concrete inground swimming pool, the experts at Town & Country Pools can make it work!
  3. A concrete pool project takes longer than other styles, but they will last a lifetime.
  4. Choose from myriad coatings, colors, and pool finishes for the pool and even include flecks of quartz or other tones to add to the unique beauty of your pool.
  5. Concrete swimming pools add to the resale value of your home and can also increase its overall value.

concrete inground pool

Concrete Inground Swimmming Pool Building Materials

There are many decisions you will need to make when you decide to become a swimming pool owner, not the least of which is the building material. You will work with your pool contractor to discuss accessories, pool equipment, landscape design and much more!

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