Should You Consider a Black Bottom Pool?

If you’re almost ready to construct your very own backyard swimming pool then you have probably considered a lot of different options. If you want something luxurious, and unique. Something that will really make a statement. One of the less common, but most rewarding swimming pool options in Loudoun, Virginia is a black bottom pool.

Despite the name, these pools can vary in color and can look dark gray or dark blue. That is just depending on your property, design, and the time of day. These darkened pools are loved by their owners for their unique properties. Read on to discover what exactly makes black bottom pools so unique.

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What Makes a Black Bottom Pool So Special?

Building a black bottom pool has been trending lately because they offer a wider array of aesthetic choices for people looking for a pool that matches either their property or their own personal tastes.

The darkness of these pools can look more appealing depending on when you decide to go for a swim. The dark gray or black vibe they give off can be a perfect shade to choose if you prefer to swim after dark underneath the stars. This can give the effect that a black bottom pool endlessly deep and tranquil.

A black bottom pool is also a popular choice for indoor pools as well. This gives people more to work with as the light blue or cyan color of a regular swimming pool often does not mix well with a lot of modern interior design.

While having a black bottom pool can look very appealing, they are more than just eye candy. The most important function of a black bottom pool compared to a regular colored one is that they are easier to heat naturally thanks to the materials they use. This means that it will take less time and energy to heat them artificially as they are better at absorbing heat from the sun. While this effect doesn’t happen swimming during the night, it’s a great benefit to have while swimming during summer days.

A black bottom pool will always have a floor that is darkened, but it can often have darkened walls as well. This will add a darker tone to your pool regardless if it is predominantly blue, gray or green in shade. As a result, the heat from the sun will become more easily absorbed by the floor and walls, which will then warm up the water. The result is a beautiful, dark swimming pool that warms up faster, stays warmer longer and will cost you less money when it comes to the heating bill.

Black Bottom Pool Materials

When it comes to black bottom pools, you have a fair degree of freedom when it comes to selecting what they’re made of and what they look like.

What’s probably the most common option is to use concrete for your black bottom pool. It’s less expensive than other plasters but the color won’t be quite as dark. You can expect this to last for at least 10 years.

Another option is to choose fiberglass for your black bottom pool. It offers a very shiny pigmentation and it works excellently for people looking for the darkest of colors, though it will cost a bit more than a concrete plaster.

The last option to consider for your black bottom pool is a vinyl liner. They are very cheap but they also have to be replaced more often and don’t have the best longevity. They are sensitive to chlorine though, so they may lighten in color faster than planned if you clean your pool too often. Dark bottom pools are already considered a luxury option, so the best choice here is usually to settle on either concrete or fiberglass.

Cons of a Black Bottom Pool

While a black bottom pool will offer many practical and visual benefits, there are a few common issues that are sometimes brought up.

The most common issue of all is that these pools may be a little too dark for optimal safety concerns. Because these pools can have such heavy pigmentation, this makes it more difficult to see the bottom. As a result, judging when you are in the deep end of a pool is a little more challenging.

This issue applies more so to people who have children, as adults rarely have issues judging where the actual bottom of the pool is. There are also some simple workarounds to fix this problem like installing lights or having markers that designate where the shallow end is and where the deep end begins.

Another issue, albeit a much less common one, is the legality of a black bottom pool. While most regions have no laws that prohibit them, some cities or states must have your pool be below a certain pigmentation level. Anything too dark will be considered unsafe and can land you a hefty fine. Double-check to make sure your region doesn’t have any rules like this, but odds are you’ll be fine.

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The black bottom pool is a no-brainer for people looking to have the most beautiful, practical and luxurious swimming pool possible. If you are ready to start and plan your new project in Fairfax, VA, feel free to contact Town & Country Pools for a meeting.