Town & Country Pools Well Dedication

It should go without saying that swimming pool contractors love the water. So, when the opportunity came up to support a charity organization that provides fresh water to those in need, we jumped at the chance! Town & Country Pools subcontractor, Josh Schaff with Iris Design Associates, volunteers with Mission Outfitter. Their crew drills fresh water drinking wells and provides composting toilets for indigenous peoples in the jungle regions of the Amazon basin. This year, Josh’s goal was to drill two wells and construct and install five composting toilets. That is when he approached us for consideration in sponsoring a well and supporting his work.

Town and Country Pools community service

Opportunity to Give Back to the Community

Our president, Burton, was delighted with the opportunity to give back and sponsored the drilling and construction of a water well. In Peru’s jungles, water is scarce for almost 9 months of the year forcing women and young girls to walk miles each day for a clean source of water. Despite walking these distances each day, the water sources may contain bacteria, microbes and pathogens, which can cause deadly diseases. A single well can provide clean, safe water for 35-40 people (4 or 5 households).

Town & Country Pools Well Dedication

When our president decided to sponsor this project through Mission Outfitter, the organization had a plaque made and posted on the top of the well. The plaque reads “Agua llmpia es esencial para la vida humana. Solo Jesucristo te puede da agua viva que es esencial para la vida spiritual. Pidela!” Roughly translating to “Clean water is essential for human life. Only Jesus Christ can give you living water that is essential to the spiritual life. Ask for it!”

More About Mission Outfitter

Mission Outfitter’s motto is “putting feet to faith”. Their mission is, “To utilize complete evangelism to bring the message of God’s love around the world”. Mission Outfitters reaches their mission’s goal through construction, water well drilling, medical and dental clinics, sanitation projects, children’s ministries, and drama evangelism. If you would like to donate to this great cause, visit their website: