Inground Pool Diving Board

Remember your childhood summers spent by the pool, cannon-balling off of the inground pool diving board, and having a wonderful time? You can bring a touch of that nostalgia back to your inground pool by installing a diving board from Town & Country Pools.

inground pool diving board

Inground Pool Diving Board

Diving Board Types

There are two main kinds of diving boards commonly used today: spring or platform.

Springboard Diving Board

You may be more familiar with springboards, the type that gives your jump and dive a little extra ‘oomph’. Built with springs which can be visible or hidden, a springboard needs additional pool depth to be used safely.

Platform Diving Board

A platform board is a fixed board without any springs, so no extra height on your dive. This solid board type doesn’t need quite as much water depth for use and is just as much fun to take a jump off of.

Diving Board Material

These days, the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing the right inground pool diving board. A huge variety of materials are available, from natural stone and finished wood to corrosion-resistant aluminum and fiberglass. There is a board to suit any pool and any budget.

The properties you should be looking for in your board are a heavy-duty, non-slip surface for maximum safety and an overall design that promises durability. There will be the option to choose a particular color or design to complement your pool’s existing decór.

Inground Pool Diving Board Safety

As a child, you probably didn’t worry too much about hurling yourself from the diving board, but we know that pool safety is important to you. We abide by the strict standards set by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP). This ensures that any and all additions for your inground pool diving board meet the required safety ratings. Our technicians can take the necessary measurements to create a safe diving environment for you and your family.

Inground Pool Diving Board Envelope

When considering an inground pool diving board, it is important to make sure the ‘diving envelope’ is suitable. This means the area in which the diver enters the pool and the depth and distance they could travel through the water. To avoid injury, it is vital to ensure the correct measurements are taken for correct diving board positioning, something our technicians are trained to handle with absolute accuracy.

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