Maryland pool contractors build pool houses

You love your swimming pool and your outdoor living space but you wonder… is there something missing? If you’re having those Federico_021811_2thoughts, that “something” could be a pool house! Swimming pool contractors in Maryland have been finding that a pool house is one of the must-have accessories for outdoor living for 2014!

The addition of a pool house provides additional outdoor living space and helps separate the pool from the house as it offers a place for swimmers to change into and out of their bathing suits and can even be an added living area for guests. If you aren’t looking for additional living space, consider your pool house a beautiful complement to your backyard and an ideal location for pool equipment storage as well as a place to change into and out of bathing suits. Even a small pool house could be home to a shower and washing machine and dryer set up.  Before you meet with the pool builders from Town & Country Pools, it’s best to know what purpose your pool house will serve — storage, a place to shower and change, or as an additional room – an extension of your home.

Even if you opt to use your pool house as a changing area only by installing showers or a bathroom you will certainly reap benefits by not having wet children tracking in and out of the house. As with any construction project or purchase – if you go ready made – you want to check with friends and family who have pool houses and see what benefits they’ve reaped from them and find out who they used for a contractor. You will also want to check with local code enforcement officers and your pool contractor to see whether there are any restrictions to building this type of structure.