Must Have Luxury Swimming Pool Features

One of the most fun things about owning a luxury swimming pool is customizing it to kingdom come. There are so many beautiful features and decorations to add to a swimming pool that the possibilities seem endless. If you want luxury, you shouldn’t hold back when it comes to this – including these luxury swimming pool features can turn your pool into a work of art.

Type of Inground Swimming Pools

You need to decide what kind of swimming pool you want. Each one can be upgraded, customized and outfitted with tons of features, so don’t worry about missing out on any luxurious features if you pick one over the other. This is to make sure you get a pool with a design and functionality that fits your needs best.


First up is, of course, the classic swimming pool. This is your standard size, round shaped swimming pool that can act as a blank slate for all the fixtures, statues and decorations you want to add to it.


Next is what’s known as a modern swimming pool. These are more square, rectangular geometric structures but are also made with more of a contemporary mindset.


Then there’s what’s known as freeform swimming pools. These are becoming more popular lately. These pools are excellent choices for people who want to customize the very shape of the pool itself. If you have an elaborate backyard property then you can build your pool to be molded around the backyard itself. Instead of having a square or circle, this luxury swimming pool can be any shape you want.


Next up is the natural swimming pool. These are similar to freeform pools but instead of using abstract shapes they are built to resemble natural bodies of water like large ponds or small lakes. To complement their more natural vibe, owners of natural pools often use stone-based decorations and landscaping to create an authentic natural look.

luxury swimming pool features

Infinity Edge & Vanishing

Then we have the vanishing swimming pool, sometimes also referred to as infinity swimming pools. These pools have one edge where the water dips off into a basin, creating an effect reminiscent of waterfalls. The basin is not meant to be swam in and is purely decorative.

Lap Pool

The next kind of pool to consider is the swimming lap pool. These are perfect choices for more athletic people who love to swim as an exercise and not just as a leisurely activity. They are typically long in shape like a gym pool and they can have a bit of overlap with modern and freeform swimming pool designs. These are one of the best kinds of pools to pair with diving boards.


Last but not least is the indoor pool. These are often the most expensive kinds of swimming pools to install. They are best owned by people that live in particularly large homes that can fit an indoor swimming pool large enough to be fun to use in the first place. It can be a complex process to build but absolutely worth it, as swimming inside your own home is a rare luxury few can attain.

No matter what kind of swimming pool you choose from the above list, they can all be paired with any of the features listed here. There are of course classic and popular features such as diving boards and slides, but what about the add-ons that will truly bring out the meaning of the word ‘luxury’?

Luxury Swimming Pool Features

Rock & Marble Features

Consider outfitting your luxury swimming pool with gorgeous rock or marble features. These often look much more appealing when next to water.

Inground Pool Water Features

Speaking of water, you definitely need to have some water-based fixtures and add-ons too. Water jets, spill over spas, basins, water bowls and bubblers are just some of the ways you can make your swimming pool’s water dance in majestic and mesmerizing ways. You can also have a waterfall effect mimicked by having a sheer descent installed as well.

Fire Pits & Bowls

But why stop with just water? Why not spice up your swimming pool with a bit of fire? Believe it or not, the most luxurious swimming pools in the world combine both of these elements in surprisingly organic ways. You can have four fire pits or fire bowls lining the corners of your pool to give it an unforgettable atmosphere.

Luxury Swimming Pool Features

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As you can see, the possibilities and options of adding luxury swimming pool features to your pool are truly endless. The perfect pool that showcases your tastes can be yours, and we can help you achieve this dream. Get in touch with us at Town & Country Pools so we can finally help make your luxury a reality.