Inground Swimming Pool Project

Town and Country Pools offers inground swimming pool planning tips.

The best way to assure you get as much pool for your budget is to talk with an inground swimming pool contractor from Town & Country Pools and let them know what your budget is for the project. Our inground swimming pool contractors can help you understand what you can get for what you have budgeted. It is best to realize that if you have a $25,000 inground swimming pool budget that you are planning for a project that falls within what you have available. What items do you need or want in your inground swimming pool project? Are there must-haves that you simply cannot do without? Are there items that you feel would be nice to have, but not necessary? Make a note of those items so you can either add or take them out, as you work the budget for your project. Knowing what you want before meeting with a inground swimming pool projectpotential inground swimming pool contractor will help eliminate the guesswork.


  1. How much backyard space do you have available and how much do you want to give up for your pool project? Setbacks and property lines are something to take into consideration when talking with your pool contractor.
  2. What type of pool do you want? One for exercise? One the entire family and neighborhood can join you in?
  3. The building material you choose will help you decide on the shape of your pool. If you use gunite, the sky is almost the limit when it comes to design. Fiberglass and vinyl liner pools are also options.
  4. What kind of accessories will you want in your pool? Diving board or slide? Beach entry? Rock waterfall?
  5. What kind of deck or outdoor living space will you want as part of your overall swimming pool project? Consider this as part of your entire pool project.
  6. Consider the caliber of pool equipment you will have installed — pump, filter, motor, pool cover, etc.

This basic list of items to consider for your inground swimming pools project should be tailored to your individual wants and needs.  Use our above recommendations as building blocks to get you swimming pool project underway.


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