Is your pool water too hot?

Town & Country Pool builders, serving DC, Maryland & Virginia offer water cool-down tricks

You may not think about it today — especially if you’re living in an area of the country that is being plagued by cold temperatures, but what happens when summer hits and your pool water has turned into bathwater temperatures? Is your pool water too hot to handle? For some people, warm pool water might be ideal, but for many, pool water too hot is pool water they don’t want to swim in — the purpose of a dip in the pool is to cool off, right? The swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pools offer water cool-down advicepool water fountain

Sure, you could drop blocks of ice into the water, or you could add more water to the pool and that might help, but it depends on how warm the water is and how much space you have available to add more water. Pool water too hot to handle can be tricky to deal with if you do not have the right amount of space available to go about it in this way.

The best way to cool your pool water is to add a swimming pool water feature such as a fountain. Running a fountain may lead to more water evaporation because you won’t be able to use your pool cover, but circulating the water — especially at night when the air temperatures drop will help cool the water down.

Also, if you’re running the fountain during the heat of the day, you can swim under it to help cool off and take advantage of the water that will be evaporating into the air and cooling the area down — this is the same idea that is employed in the southern states when they have misters outside in shopping centers.


Talk to your pool contractor about the installation of a water feature before summer hits and your pool water gets too warm.