Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

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If you’re a swimming pool owner or if you’re in the process of becoming a swimming pool owner, pool contractors that serve the Virginia, Maryland and DC areas will tell you that they bring luxury beyond compare, but they also bring work and maintenance responsibilities. A swimming pool provides a place right in your own backyard where you can relax, rejuvenate and spend time with friends and family. It is a great

A  responsible adult should always be in charge of watching kids in the pool
A responsible adult should always be in charge of watching kids in the pool

space to build memories and have fun with your children. It is also a backyard months-long vacation “destination.” When you add it all up, there are myriad reasons to own your own pool.

Remember though, that a pool is not all fun, entertaining and games. It also requires upkeep and maintenance to keep the water free of bacteria and clear of contaminants. To assure you can enjoy every minute in your pool that you have available, you will want to make sure it’s been thoroughly cleaned and serviced. Many pool owners work with swimming pool service contractors like those from Town & Country Pools to keep the water clean and clear. A dedicated pool service company allows you to use the pool for enjoyment without having to worry that the chemicals will be out of balance.

Here, though are a few steps that a pool owner should take between service visits:

  1. Ask your pool service contractor what kinds of equipment you should have on hand for cleaning purposes between visits. He will likely recommend a skimming net, a vacuum and even a pool water testing kit. The skimmer net makes it easy to scoop up any floating debris before it settles to the bottom of the pool or clogs your filter.
  2. Depending on the length of time between service visits and the amount of use your pool sees, you may want to invest in a pool cleaning brush that you will use to scrub down the walls and floor. This will help eliminate the potential for algae growth.
  3. If you’re comfortable adding chemicals between service visits you may want to ask your pool contractor which chemicals you should keep on hand and in what amounts to add them — based on the chemical test readings you get when you test the water.

Diligent swimming pool cleaning will help keep your pool water clean and crystal clear!