Town & Country Pool Builders, working with pool owners in Virginia, DC & Maryland explain pool service

In a perfect world you would have your swimming pool constructed and it would remain clean and shiny and the water bacteria-free all summer long. In the real world of swimming pool ownership, though, it is more complicated than that and owning a swimming pool means you will need to take measures to keep it cleaned and maintained. For some pool owners — the do-it-yourselfers — pool service and maintenance is a breeze, for others, they simply want to swim without the hassle and time it takes to clean and maintain the pool. Either method is acceptable, you just need to know that if you’re going to clean and maintain it yourself, you will need to be diligent about it or you run the risk of algae taking hold.

To find the best, and most qualified, swimming pool service contractor in Virginia you can work with the pool contractors from Town & Country Pools and they will take away the stress and concern of pool maintenance. What can you expect when you work with a swimming pool service contractor? Here are a few items they will address for you:

  • Test the water chemical levels
  • Add chemicals when needed to maintain the water balances
  • Perform pool opening, pool closing and backwashing
  • Scrub the pool walls and sides and behind the ladder
  • Vacuum the pool
  • Inspect pool equipment and plumbing to make certain it’s operating efficiently
  • Inspect pool accessories

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact cost for a swimming pool service contract until your potential pool contractor comes to your house. He will need to know how big the pool is, the equipment you have installed, how often it gets used, whether you use a cover and the type of service contract you’re seeking.  Plan to pay about $135+ per month.

Here are some questions you will want to ask a potential swimming pool service provider before you sign a contract:

  • What is included in the price
  • How often he will visit for the price quoted
  • Is he licensed and insured
  • If signing a contract for the summer offers a price break
  • Ask for names and contact information for his current and former clients that you can connect with
  • Does he offer emergency service repairs and at what cost?

You may opt to clean and maintain your pool on your own, but in some instances pool owners find it cost them less money to have a professional perform the tasks. Also, they didn’t have to make the investment, up front, in pool chemicals and you will also need a safe place to store them.