vanishing edge swimming poolIf you own a “yard with a view” a stunning way to highlight that view is with an infinity edge, also known as a vanishing edge swimming pool. These designs make it appear that the pool has no edge and that the water is spilling over it.  When you meet with your Maryland swimming pool contractor ask his advice on whether your backyard landscape lends itself to one of these dramatic swimming pool designs.  These pools are designed so that one edge of the pool has no edges or walls – hence the illusion of water simply spilling off into the horizon.

A house that’s perched on a cliff or one that provides an ocean view works best and makes the strongest visual  impact. Many people buy homes with a view because they want to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the landscape and when they install a pool with a vanishing edge, they are only enhancing the natural beauty and landscape. Don’t worry about wasting water, the water is captured once it spills over and is recycled back into the swimming pool.

Vanishing edge swimming pools are constructed of gunite and because of this, they can be shaped into practically any design. This type of swimming pool does carry a higher price tag than other styles, but if you have the view, this is the way to go with your design.  Individuals opting for this design are typically ready to lay out the additional funds to install exotic stone and lighting to accentuate their new backyard addition.

If you fell in love with your backyard and the view when you purchased your home, an infinity swimming pool will only enhance that love. It will become the focal point of your yard.

Because vanishing edge swimming pools are unique, you need to work with a swimming pool builder at Town & Country Pools to help realize your dream as they are experienced in this type of design and installation. These structures need a contractor that understands the technologies involved and it also requires a contractor with experience in working with gunite pool applications.

It is crucial that you check references and look at photographs of the projects he or she has completed before you make any decisions. The infinity pool will only enhance the already-scenic landscape and make your investment one of timeless beauty. Once you have made the decision to install a vanishing edge swimming pool, you’ll find it will become the hub of your household.