Virginia, DC & Maryland pool contractors explain pool house benefits

How much time do you spend outside around your swimming pool? Do you have an area that is conducive to hanging out around the pool when you’re not swimming? Do you have a good area where you can change into and out of your swim suits? Where do you wash your swimming suits and towels? If you’re pondering those questions and many of the answers are: We don’t have an area conducive to hanging out, and everyone traipses through the house to change and we wash everything in the house.

Maybe now that you’re thinking about this, you’re thinking, “We should have a pool house!” In the summer you’re spending hours out by the pool and now is the time to add a dedicated space for outdoor living and entertaining, but how? Add a pool house. These structures are no longer simple functional out buildings; pool houses have grown into
luxurious extensions of both the home and swimming pool.

Why should you have a pool house constructed? Here are some reasons the swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pool Builders have heard from customers:

  • Consider constructing a pool house with a kitchen. If you construct one with a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen it turns from a pool house into comfortable guest quarters. There may be zoning requirements that you will need to adhere to, so ask about those first.
  • Opt for a pool house that has an area for dining, whether indoor/outdoor or completely indoor with an outdoor seating area.
  • If you want your the building to be accessible as outdoor living, make certain the furniture is weather resistant. Look for comfortable, overstuffed cushions for outdoor patio furniture that lends ambiance and can be used at any time.
  • Build your pool house with a “community” bathroom to keep everyone traipsing in and out of the house with wet, dirty feet. The bathroom area in your new outdoor facility can be a great place to shower off suntan lotions before swimming or chlorine after you’re done swimming.
  • Add a small washer and dryer for use for the towels and bathing suits.

A pool house will add ambiance and enhances outdoor living time. With many people choosing staycations, invite friend and family to your home and share vacation time with them.