Ryan is a Northern Virginia native that is employed at Town & Country Pools, Inc.  He graduated from West Springfield High and attended Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. He was also in the U.S. Navy stationed in Norfolk, VA.   He worked for T&C during the summers prior to joining the Navy. He became a full-time employee at the commencement of our residential pool maintenance program offered by our Service Department in 2010. Ryan passed the APSP/CST course and enjoys learning all the different facets of the pool business. Ryan is known in the office as being goofy, yet learning quickly and making sure that he leaves his job in a way that would make his commanding officer in the Navy proud. By the words of praise, we receive from our customers about Ryan, I think that is the case.

Outdoor time is something Ryan enjoys at work and during his time off.  He spends his time mountain uni-cycling, hiking, climbing, scuba diving and swimming in his parents’ pool.  He also enjoys his time on the water in the northern neck of Virginia, boating and water skiing.  He is a master diver, first responder and can even direct a helicopter to land on the back of a Navy destroyer. Between work and play Ryan has learned that being on, in, or near the water is something that is very special to him.  His favorite memory of swimming was when he went scuba diving in the British Virgin Islands.

Ryan hopes that all our customers on our summer maintenance program find that all they need to do is step outside and enjoy their pristine clean pool. He does the work, so you can play