Robert started as a Maintenance Technician Assistant in the summer of 2011.  Robert graduated from Chantilly High School in 2013 where he took Construction Tech program at Chantilly Academy and his knowledge of construction and all his water activities helped him construct a boat using only cardboard to allow Town and Country Pools Team to bring home not one but TWO winning trophies from the 2012 Springfield Days Cardboard Box Regatta, as we watched many a vessel go down.

Robert has a variety of interests outside of work.  He is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and took a Mixed Martial Arts course.  He is also a gifted musician and plays the viola and piano. Robert also holds a Rescue Diver Certification.  Like many young adults, Robert enjoys anime and gaming.  When he is just relaxing he will read anything that has to do with science and technology, and is known to be able to spew out some amazing facts.   This may be the reason why Robert received the only perfect score on the SOL Science test in his high school!

Robert enjoys spending time in his pool at home.  He has many memories of family and friends gathering at his house to swim and socialize.  He hopes that his service customers enjoy their clean pools and that they take the time to relax in their pool.