We gained an outstanding pool technician when Josh joined Town & Country Pools, Inc. in 2005.  Josh came on board after many years working in the pool industry and has a strong knowledge of the mechanics that go into swimming pools.  Josh was born in Baltimore, MD and now resides in Loudoun County, Virginia with his wife Kristen, and their two sons Nathan and Austin.

Josh is known at T&C as the practical joker and never misses an opportunity to pull a prank on fellow employees.  He loves to get the office staff going from out in the field. Thank goodness, we now have caller ID in the office.  With his love of a good laugh, he balances it out by remaining focused and disciplined while attending to the various equipment situations that he routinely encounters.  He is a wealth of knowledge to our customers during their indoctrination to their newly completed pool and can answer all questions with confidence.  Empowering the new pool owner to understand their equipment is something he does well, as proven from the feedback we receive from our customers.

Josh enjoys his weekends watching the Baltimore Ravens.  He also is a big fan of music, actually having prior experience as a DJ and now that he is a family man, he spends lots of time entertaining his sons with his DJ equipment. He volunteers for Loudon Soccer and also enjoys spending time on his skateboard and has been known to use his skateboard on the job.  Josh’s favorite swimming memory is swimming at Beaver Dam, Maryland.  He hopes that our customers make happy memories frolicking in their swimming pool and will call us with any questions about their pool equipment.