Renovate your pool for eco-friendliness

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Town & Country Pool Builders, serving Virginia, DC & Maryland offer eco-friendly renovation ideas 

Swimming pools can be both eco-and environmentally friendly and if you let your pool contractor from Town & Country Pools know that is one of your aims in your pool renovation project, he can help you make that dream a reality. While the actual construction and building material for a swimming pool may not be wholly environmentally friendly it is still possible to own a swimming pool and still be a friend to the ecosystem in your backyard.

Here are some tips from Maryland swimming pool contractors on how to have a “greener” swimming pool and we don’t mean algae!:

  • Using a variable speed pool pump is not only environmentally friendly, but is friendly to your family budget because you will save on your utility bills. Variable speed pumps make good financial sense and they operate at higher speeds for more taxing tasks such as vacuuming and lower speeds for tasks such as circulating the water.
  • Have your pool contractor install pool equipment that has high Energy Star ratings.
  • Use less chlorine. You can use less chlorine by using a swimming pool cover and by adding chlorine at night, after the sun has gone down. Evaporation not only takes away water, but the chlorine that has been added.
  • Using a pool cover will help your pool be more eco-friendly.
  • Check the pool for leaks. A slow leak can lead to your having to refill the pool on a regular basis and that uses natural resources and adds to your utility bills.
  • When adding lights to the swimming pool make certain yo look for energy efficient lighting such as LED lighting or solar lighting.
  • Use, or install, fewer pool accessories such as rock waterfalls or fountains. They consume electricity unnecessarily.

Talk with us to uncover even more eco- and environmentally friendly actions you can take for your swimming pool.






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