Shade for Swimming Pool Owners

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Town & Country Pool builders offer shade for swimming pool owners

The sun is one of the things we love the most in the summer, but when it comes to swimming in your family pool, there might be times when you just want to get away from the sun and relax in the shade, right? The swimming pool builders from Town & Country Pools know that it’s ideal to have your swimming pool water benefit from the heat of the sun, but it’s also great to have a space to relax poolside without having to be in direct sunlight. To achieve this, you need to do some strategic thinking on shade for swimming pool placement and design.

Shade for Swimming Pool Tree Issues

Planting trees is one way to get shade, but trees could bring the following issues with them:

  1. Leaves or sap that can fall into the water
  2. Roots that could grow too large and damage the pool structure
  3. Birds and bird poo
  4. Branches that overhang the pool could block too much of the sun
  5. Branches that overhang the pool could break off in a storm and damage the pool

Here are Some Shade for Swimming Pool Ideas:

  • Plant shade for swimming pool trees with care. Ask us which trees work best for poolside planting.  What species won’t drop too many leaves or sap into the pool to avoid swimming pool maintenance. Which trees have a small enough root structure to not damage the pool.
  • Umbrellas are colorful, flexible, typically inexpensive and offer myriad shade for swimming pool opportunities. They can be movable or umbrella bases can be built into the deck to make them permanent.
  • Awnings are stylish, can be made from material that is UVA and UVB rated safe and can open or close, depending on the weather.
  • Add a permanent structure in the form of a pergola or a pool house.
  • The original placement of the pool will lend, or not, itself to shade for swimming pool owners during the summer months. Track the path of the sun so you understand the best place for pool placement.
  • Utilize your safety fence as a shade for swimming pool provider. Safety fences are more than utilitarian structures.

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