Landscape ideas for your Maryland poolside

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Is this the year that you work with your Maryland swimming pool contractor to revamp and enhance the aesthetics of your swimming pool by upgrading the outdoor living space that surrounds it? Consider this scenario: If your pool is exposed to the sun all day, the water will be temperate and you’ll never have to use a pool heater. that’s the ideal way to go, right? If he sun is baking you and you won’t have an option to leave the pool andIMG_1223 simply lounge poolside if there isn’t any available shady spots. You don’t want to run from the fun of your pool and back into the house, do you?

  • There are myriad ways to add pool-side shading. You can plant trees that will provide cover under its leafy branches and boughs but remember, with trees come leaves, bugs and other debris that will be depositing themselves within your pool and cause you extra cleaning and maintenance and could also clog your pool drains.

Some other options the pool builders from Town & Country Pools offer for consideration:

  • Permanent solutions: Pergolas and gazebos – offer shaded areas and are typically large enough to accommodate outdoor furniture, chaise lounges and even outdoor kitchen set ups

Portable solutions: Umbrellas – these movable shade providers come in a variety of shapes, styles and colors and can be easily                                                                                                                   moved from location to location and even if you decide to plant one semi-permanently, they typically move, spin and bend to offer                                                                                                         shade in different areas

Semi-permanent solutions: Awnings – retractable or permanent installed that will extend from the house. This option hinges on how close your pool is to your house.

Talk to your pool contractor to discover the best solution for your family and jump into the project before summer gets into full swing!

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