5 Pool Construction Considerations

Pool contractors serving DC, Maryland & Virginia offer pool construction considerations

You’re doing it! This is the year you will become the envy of your friends and family and own your own swimming pool! Great! Now what?! You will want to look for a pool contractor who will perform the construction for you and that will take some time and research.

When you’re talking with the swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pools, you will want to bring up these following 5 pool construction considerations:

5 Pool construction Considerations:

  1. Where will the pool go? Your pool contractor will help you determine the perfect site for your swimming pool and that will involve myriad factors including: ease of access, underground wires, access to electricity and plumbing, landscaping and the lay of your land. The zoning laws in your area of the country may also help determine where the pool may be able to be placed due to set backs and property line issues.
  2. The right contractor is one who can construct the pool that you want, within your budget guidelines while keeping in mind proper pool construction considerations. They pool construction considerationsare also experienced, bring referrals with them for past service and are someone with whom you feel comfortable.
  3. Talk with more than one contractor to get a written estimate for your potential pool project and other possible pool construction considerations. Your contractor will come to the house to do a survey of the land as well as gather the information on the type of pool you want so be prepared to spend time with them to make sure they understand the dream you have in your mind for your family’s pool.
  4. Make sure you ask for an estimate on ongoing pool maintenance charges. This will be something you will need to budget for as part of the overall pool project.
  5. The nitty gritty on the pool project will also include its size and shape and the building material you will want to use. You can choose from fiberglass, gunite or vinyl liner and these each bring different price tags and care and upkeep differences. Keep in mind too that your yard’s current layout and placement of trees and gardens may be a factor in where the pool sits, how large it is and what style or building material you choose.


Making a decision on a swimming pool is not one to take lightly. Spend time with potential pool contractors until you find one who can help you realize your dream. Contact us today to get started!