Decorate your poolside outdoor living space

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Swimming pool contractors serving, DC, Maryland & Virginia offer outdoor living space tips

The swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pools work with their clients to make their poolside outdoor living space as much fun and as inviting as the pool itself. If you’re looking to make a change in your outdoor living space this summer, here are some upgrades and updates to consider:

  • Make use of outdoor lighting. If you don’t have any, add some. If you do have some consider upgrading to LED lighting because it burns longer and more efficiently
  • Look for a rug to update your outdoor space. You can choose any kind of natural material such as bamboo or goswimming pool construction with an indoor/outdoor carpet style or simply use stone pavers
  • Accessorize by adding throw pillows, new cushions for your furniture a table or two, hint: choose tables that offer storage space as well.
  • Do you have any “walls” to decorate in your outdoor living space? Your walls could be a gazebo structure or even a trellis with climbing flowers or potted plants and trees that act as walls and as a privacy screen. You could consider adding an awning, umbrellas or an open air tent to provide shade and as a way to differentiate the pool area from the rest of the yard.
  • If you spend a lot of time out of doors you may want to consider a separate seating area or even talk with your pool contractor constructing an entire outdoor kitchen.

Take some time before summer is in full swing to decide whether you’d like to upgrade your outdoor living space and truly move your indoor living out of doors for the summer.



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