Budget for your Virginia swimming pool project

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Does your family want to spend its summer budget on an exotic vacation get away or invest it in a swimming pool that will delight the family for years to come? We’re betting you will go with a swimming pool of your very own rather than a vacation that will become a memory in less than a week! If your family loves vacation spots that feature swimming pools, spas and other water-based delights, then working with a Virginia swimming pool contractor can be a way to make that a dream come true every time you walk out of the back door of your home.

The high price of gasoline and airfare coupled with the cost of a hotel for a family vacation is making swimming pool ownership a Nalls_0002more attractive solution.  A swimming pool is an investment in fun and future enjoyment for decades!

Prior to talking with a potential swimming pool contractor you need to determine your budget for not only the construction itself, but the ongoing maintenance. After you have those numbers in mind, it’s time to talk with the swimming pool builders from Town & Country Pools about your project. Here are a few items to consider:

  • Call a contractor to get a baseline idea on the price of an average swimming pool construction and what the utility bills may be. Remember, this will be a rough estimate as every pool construction is unique.
  • Pad your pool budget by 10-15% for the price of the completed project. You just can’t plan for unexpected cost overruns.
  • Get your financial ducks in order. Will you need to take out a loan? If so, give yourself a month or two before construction can begin. Does the pool builder you’re working with have access to financing? If not, talk with the bank you typically work with.

An investment in a pool building project is one that will offer you and your family years of swimming fun – it will be like a year-round vacation in your own backyard!


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