What’s on your pool construction wish list?

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Town & Country Pool Builders, serving DC, Maryland & Virginia talk pool construction wish lists

A swimming pool construction project is not one to be undertaken lightly. There are so many items to think about, not the least of which is which pool builder in Maryland to work with, what kind and size of pool you want, what accessories your family wants in the pool, where to place it and what material to construct it from. Whew! It’s mind boggling!

Working with an experienced, skilled pool contractor will help assure you’re getting the best pool for your family budget and that your pool contractor is listening to you and your wants and needs in the family pool. Communication is key in a project of this magnitude.

What's on your pool construction wish list? - What's on your pool construction wish list?

Here are questions to ask the pool contractors from Town & Country Pools when you meet with them:

  • Have a wish list that includes all accessories (diving board, sun shelves, hot tub) as well as the size you think you’d like. Note everything you’d love to have in the pool.
  • You need to know how much you can spend for both the pool project and the ongoing pool maintenance. Don’t forget to factor in increases in utility bills — your pool contractor can offer you advise on these numbers.
  • Create a pool design scrapbook as it will be easier to show photos of pool designs you like rather than trying to describe it to your pool contractor.
  • Ask your pool contractor to explain the differences in gunite, vinyl liner and fiberglass pool styles. You need to have all of the information so you can make an informed decision.  Each style has a unique price point as well as maintenance and upkeep advantages and disadvantages. Ask a potential pool builder to thoroughly explain the differences and make your decision from an informed point of view.
  • Do your homework on a potential pool contractor. Seek out more than one estimate for your pool project. Also, ask the potential pool builder for contact information for prior clients with whom he has worked, contact them and gauge their happiness with the process.

A swimming pool project is a major commitment in time and money and you need to do your due diligence to assure you are getting the best possible contractor possible.