Storage Ideas for Off-Season Pool Accessories

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Pool Closing Storage Solutions 

There is a slight chill in the air, and that means you may be thinking about your pool closing. You do not want to, but it is inevitable. If you are at the stage of closing your pool for the season, you can take a few steps now to begin packing away your pool accessories and pool patio furniture. Many of these storage ideas can perform double duty for both in-season and off-season storage.

Here are a few ideas from the pool contractors from Town & Country Pools for storing your pool equipment after performing your pool closing:

Pool Storage for Pool Closing
Teak Storage Chest From Front Gate
  • Storage Bins
    Once your pool closing is complete using a storage bin is a great way to ensure pool items are accessible the following season but safely stored for the off-season. In a storage bin, pool items will not be subjected to the ravages of winter. Wash and thoroughly dry all items before you store them. Inflatables should be hosed off, dried thoroughly and deflated before storage.
  • Benches and Ottomans
    Benches and outdoor ottomans can provide a place to sit as well as a place for storage. Look for items that are aesthetically pleasing, but functional to store toys, towels and pool items such as sunblock or beach shoes.
  • Vertical Storage
    When you are constructing an outdoor living space, consider vertical storage. For instance, you could build a fence that is beautiful while functional and can be used to hold towels, toys, pool safety items such as your life jackets, pool cleaning items such as skimmers and outdoor cooking utensils.
  • Build a Pool House
    Pool houses can be as simple as a shed to hold pool items or as elaborate as a place for guests to change clothes, shower before and after swimming, contain a washing machine and dryer and a place large enough to accommodate overnight guests.
  • Built-In Storage Options
    An elevated deck or an above ground swimming pool has “built-in” storage space. Consider the aesthetics of it when you are storing items. Construct walls and add a door, so the items are stored, out of view and the area remains aesthetically appealing.
  • Clean Outdoor Furniture
    Winter pool closing is a great time to remove and clean cushions from your outdoor seating.  Allow for your cushions to thoroughly dry before storing them out of the weather.  You may not have an area large enough to store the furniture itself. If this is the case, you may want to consider buying tarps to cover them during the snowy, winter months as a way to protect them from the elements.

Pool Closing Services

Town and Country Pools offers winter pool closing and maintenance services.  While performing your winter pool closing, we will remove items from your swimming pool and give them to you for safe off-season keeping.  You will want to have an area dedicated to the storage of these pool items; it could be as simple as a dry area in your garage or another storage unit. Save

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